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Mednet Direct 30” x 36” XXL-Large ULTRA Puppy Pads – 100 Count

These 30 inch x 36 inch XL-large size ULTRA puppy pads from Mednet Direct are ideal for large dog breeds, such as Shepards, Dalmatians, Bloodhounds, Retrievers, and Setters. These XL-large ULTRA puppy pads come 100 per case to save you money! Each large puppy pad can absorb up to one full cup of liquid. Each pad features SAP Super Absorbent Polymer filling to offer the quickest absorbency. The leak proof plastic backing provides protection against leaks, and makes clean up easy! Disposable puppy pads help train your pet to eliminate on the pad, not on your floor, helping you to train your pet and save money. Puppy pads keep furniture, clothing, floors and pet beds clean and dry, saving money on expensive leaning services. Puppy pads are also great for older, ill or incontinent pets! Stop wasting money on other ineffective brands and buy trusted Puppy Pads from Mednet Direct, America’s Puppy Pad Provider! 100 pads total and the individual pad dimensions are 30 inches wide x 36 inches long.