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Pet Travel Bowl Portable Airtight Storage Container with Handle for Dog / Puppy (Black)

Do you love traveling but can’t leave your pet alone in your house? Or are you on for a walk in the park with your dogs, but having trouble bringing food for your pet. You can be on-the-go with this Portable Pet Food Container. Never have to worry about where to put your Pet’s Food Anymore! Fluffy Luv New Portable Pet Food Tote Container – Easy to use, bowl and container in one. Perfect for unplanned getaways, for on-the-go storage with bowl sets so you’ll never have to worry about taking a decent bowl for your pets! • Perfect for Unplanned Getaways • Comes with 2 Bowl Sets For A Decent Meal For Your Pets • Easy To Carry Tote • Airtight – Keeps Food Fresh • Compact Design • Highly Dependable • Has a durable grab handle which makes it easy for anyone to haul with it. This Portable Pet Food Tote Container is perfect for dogs of small breed, would make the stored food last for 2-5 days for petite or dogs of normal size.