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6 Arctic Sleigh Bell Leather Strap Door Hanger Dog Puppy Training Amish Handmade

One Handmade Leather Door Hanger strap with 6 Arctic Sleigh Bells. These bells will let you know when someone comes in the door. Leather lacing makes it easy to hang on door knob. 6 Arctic Sleigh Bells (Bell size 1 1/2″) available with Nickel or Brass finish. Measurements: 1 1/4″ wide 16″ long (not including lace) Hang on door knob to train your Puppy, Dog, or Cat to bump these bells to let you know they have to go outside. MADE IN THE USA. Handmade by Amish in Holmes County Ohio.

Hand Made 6ft Amish Leather Puppy Leash

Our leather puppy leash is light enough that an 8 week old German Shepherd puppy. Also perfect for many of the miniature and toy breeds. Many times puppies and very small dogs have a difficult time handling a heavier 3/4 inch leash which has been designed for a larger adult dog. Our puppy leashes are light weight and measure 6 ft. long x 3/8 in. wide. They are handmade by the Amish from Latigo Leather and imported hardware. Because the leash is so thin, it is best not to rivet the leash as it will only weaken the leather. This is our only leash that is not riveted.