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Sleeky Feeding Bottle Set for Pets, Hand feeding kit for nursing puppies, kitten and other animals

Sleeky Feeding Bottle Set for Pets has been especially designed for feeding milk to puppies and kittens. The teats are made from durable silicone making it sturdy and hard-wearing and ideal for using to feed milk to your pets. The curved neck of the bottle makes it possible for puppies and kittens for feed from the bottle while lying face-down in a natural feeding position. Furthermore, it facilitates a constant flow of milk into the teat, effectively reducing abdominal bloating from swallowing air while feeding

The Company of Animals Clix Multi-Clicker, Blue

Clicker training is a fun, reward-based method of dog training. The Multi-Clicker has a patented volume/tone control enabling you to clicker train even sound-sensitive dogs. It has a raised thumb-piece for easy use and an elasticated wrist strap, to ensure it is always to hand. The simple step-by-step guide included will show you how to teach your dog fun tricks as well as practical training.