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Adidog Athletic Dog Vest – Small Size – Impress with your Fashion Forward Pet – Lifetime Guarantee – Meedory Singlet and Hoodies Costume Collection

Do You Want New Dog Clothes to Make Your Pet Extra Cute? Then this is the dog vest for you! Fitting Singlet Vest for Dogs Show your love by making your dog even cuter. Comfortable Mesh Material that Breathes Make your dog happy. Happier dogs are more obedient dogs. Small Size Size fits small to medium dogs. Blue Vest A more masculine look for your pet. Lightweight Material Wont weigh your bag down and is not a bother to your pet. Have a change of clothes for your dog anywhere you want. People will like it so much that they will not want to leave your dog alone. Machine Washable Easy to clean when your pets get dirty. Hassle-free, just throw it in the wash. Close Fit Prevents dogs getting trapped. Keep your dog safe and injury-free. Soft Fabric Comfortable for dogs and soft on your hands. Catches Falliing Fur Less malting all over the house. Less for you to clean. Buy Now