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Helmet for Biker Dogs, Cats and Small Pets, Costume, Pet Accessory – Bad to the Bone-medium

The Biker Helmet is a new and unique pet accessory. They are made with the same plastic used in construction hard hat. This lightweight helmets are for dogs and cats who love the bike ride. Excellent for pet that requires protection from minor head trauma. The Helmet fits up to 14″ around the forehead and come in with adjustable chin strap. Fits for bigger dog breeds between 13-20 Shih Tzu, Pug, Small French Bulldog, Poodle and many more.

Dog Training: Ultimate Puppy Training for Happy, Obedient Dogs: Stop Bad Behaviors, use Positive Reinforcement, and Develop Obedience (23 Impressive Dog … Raising A Puppy, Potty Training)

Discover How to Train Your Perfect Dog and Eliminate Bad Puppy Habits FOR GOOD Most dog owners think that they are treating their dog very well. They provide them with a great loving home, they feed the pup, and they teach their dog a basic trick or two. But the result is a seemingly naughty puppy that barks all the time, pees on the floor, and doesn’t come when you call. How did this happen? Most dog owners don’t know how to properly raise their puppy and train their dog. Most dog owners will have a dog that doesn’t listen to them and doesn’t respect them. So how do we turn this around and create the perfect puppy companion? In this book, we will walk through an easy step by step process of how to reinforce good behaviors and stop and prevent bad behaviors. We will go through how to raise a puppy from the beginning so that it never runs into these problems down the road, and how to train an older dog that has developed bad habits to a well-behaved dog that you always wanted. Not to mention, we have included a robust set of tricks to teach your dog so that you will have the most behaved and smartest dog in the neighborhood. Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn… Tips for a Happy PuppyObedience TrainingStopping Bad Behaviors Such As…How To Stop Excessive BarkingHow To Stop Your Dog From BitingAlternative Steps For Aggressive PuppiesHow To Stop Your Puppy From Jumping On PeopleStop Dog Agression Early OnAnd Stop Aggression Towards Other DogsPositive Reinforcement TrainingHow To House Train Your PuppyAnd Tips And Tricks For Dog Owners Download Your Copy Today! To order this Dog Training book, click the BUY buttons and download your copy right now! Tags: Dog Training, Puppy Training, Dog Training Tricks, Perfect Puppy, Obedience Training, Positive Reinforcement

PoochieBells Housetraining Dog Doorbell,Bad to the Bone Wording Design

PoochieBells Dog Potty Training Doorbell, easily and quickly potty train any age dog/breed to ring their PoochieBells when its potty time. Each PoochieBells comes with easy to follow, proven training instructions. Simply hang your PoochieBells on the inside of your door handle (or small hook next to your door) and follow our easy training instructions.