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Pet Dog Treat Pouch Bag WITH Clicker For Reward Training Treat Storage and Delivery (BLACK) Bait Bag INCLUDES Clicker For Puppy Adult Dog Marker Reward Based Positive Reinforcement Training supplies

A bait bag is a great tool. It is a small bag that can clip onto your belt or pockets. When Clicker Training you don’t want your pet to fill up on high value reward treats before you are done with the training session! You will find you use several treats and will need something to hold your treats in. The treat pouch will help improve your clicker to reward timing and just makes things just a little easier. Before you use the clicker with any behavioral training, you have to load or charge the clicker. That means you have to help the dog make the association between the specific sound of the clicker and his getting a reward. A reward doesn’t, and shouldn’t, always mean food! Switch up between food, favorite toys etc.

OurWarm Dog Pet Treat Bait Waist Pouch Puppy Reward Based Training Bag with Buckle Belt Red

Condition: 100% Brand New and High Quality Size: W*H=22.5cm*18cm(approx), Mouth opening on pouch opens to 9cm Feature: 1.Training your dog with positive reinforcement is one of the most effective ways to train your dog.This is where this affordable Training Treat Bag can help. 2.Store your pet’s favourite treats in the hinged wide mouth pocket that easily pulls open and pops shut with one hand. The hinged pocket keeps the treats fresh and assists in containing the smells from the treats that may distract your dog. 3. Keep your keys, clicker or whistle in the mesh pocket at the front, whilst hiding your pets favourite toy with the treats. 4.With this affordable Clicker Training Treat Bag, take the hassle out of going to the park. 5.You can simply clip the fully adjustable waist belt around your waist or attach the clip to your belt loop, leaving your hands free to train your dog, throw their favourite toy, or train them with a clicker(not included). Package: 1 x Pet Treat Training Bag