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Respirable Basket Cage Muzzle Anti-Biting and Barking Dog Baskerville Ultra Muzzle Keep Safety

There are overall 7 sizes supplied for your choices 1:forepart width:3cm;forepart height:4cm;bottom length:6cm;hindside height:6cm,Suitable for small dogs 2:forepart width:4cm;forepart height:4.5cm;bottom length:7.5cm;hindside height:7cm,Suitable for about 10 pounds dogs 3:forepart width:4.5cm;forepart height:5cm;bottom length:8.5cm;hindside height:8cm,Suitable for about 20 pounds dogs 4:forepart width:5cm;forepart height:6cm;bottom length:9.5cm;hindside height:9.5cm,Suitable for about 30 pounds dogs 5:forepart width:5cm;forepart height:7.5cm;bottom length:12cm;hindside height:11cm,Suitable for about 40 pounds dogs 6:forepart width:5.5cm;forepart height:8.5cm;bottom length:14cm;hindside height:13.5cm,Suitable for about 50 pounds dogs 7:forepart width:6cm;forepart height:10cm;bottom length:15cm;hindside height:14.5cm,Suitable for more than 60 pounds dogs Weight:18g,25g,33g,50g,67g,79g,104g Respirable and Adjustable Dog Muzzle Mesh Mask can give your pet a healthier body