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Blueberry Pet Microsuede Pet Bed, Recyclable & Removable Stuffing w/YKK Zippers, Machine Washable, Heavy Duty Overstuffed Beds for Cats & Dogs, 34″ x 24″ x 12″, Blue and Beige Color-block

There’s no sweeter time than snuggling in a warm bed. Featured with a supportive sleep surface and bolstered sides, this micro suede dog bed is the perfect spot for your furry friend to curl up and slumber. It can set an angle to provide support for your dog’s back and head. The easy step-in design and double thick fitted mattress pad can also add extra security and keep ultra-warm for your lovely dog. To create a unique piece for your lovely pet with classic style, our designer hand-picked the trendy color of tango red and champagne beige for this bed. While the reversible dog bed can be resistant to the scratching and chewing of your active dog, there is one more stunning feature- the maximum lovely neck bone pillow embedded with squeaker, which provides extra care and fun for your furry friend. Spot your pet now with this color-block ultimate reversible dog bed. Available in 2 colors: champagne beige and tango red, champagne beige and brilliant blue.

Dog Training: Beginner’s Guide to a Happy, Healthy and Obedient Puppy (Dog training guide, puppy training, dog grooming, dog beds, dog tricks, puppies, puppy training for beginners)

Learn how to train and take care of your new dog! For a short time, get this book FREE! Regularly priced at $2.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. You want the best life for your puppy. You want it to be healthy, happy, and well trained. This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to train your puppy in his crucial years. Your puppy’s first few years of life are the most important and creating a foundation that you can later build upon is essential for your dog’s happiness. In this easy to understand dog training guide, you will see exactly how to build that foundation. You will also learn the fundamental skills necessary for taking care of your new family member, such as: grooming, providing security, feeding, and how to set great routines! What exactly will you learn? Understanding Dog Behavior Keeping An Eye On Your Puppy’s Health House TrainingBathing and GroomingCrate Training Feeding RulesExercise for DogsHelping a Dog SleepBasic Dog TricksMuch, much more! Start giving your dog the best life possible, download this guide today!/b> Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $0.99 tags: dog training, puppy training, dog grooming, beginner’s guide to dog training, dog beds, dog tricks, puppies, puppy training for beginners, healthy dog

Cooling Dog Bed Pad for Dogs – Cool Pet Beds – Chilly Gel Mat for Dogs and Puppies

Our dog cooling gel bed is just want you need for your dog during the “Dog Days of Summer,” and anytime your four-legged buddy needs some quick cooling down. Because dogs don’t have sweat glands and cool down by panting, sometimes they could use a little assistance bringing down their core temperature. Designed to utilize a soft, cool gel to radiate heat back into the air or floor. The water saturated Cool Core absorbs the dog’s natural body temperature and converts it to room temperature which is normally well below the dogs’ body temperature and create a surface that keeps your dog cool. We designed our Dog Cooling Mat to be convenient and easy to use and maintain. Our dog cool mat: – Requires no electricity; – Is totally non-toxic tough nylon with a vinyl exterior; – Safe for indoors or outdoors use; – Does not require refrigeration; – Stays cools for hours; – Good for Pain, Swelling, aches while it cools & soothes; – Perfect for Cars, Trucks or SUV’s; – Features an adjustable comfort valve which allows you to set the firmness level to your dog’s comfort. Our soft, puncture-resistant, durable mats provide cooling therapy for your dog after a play time, on a hot summers day or for older dogs suffering joint pain and is a model therapeutic aid that is an economical way to treat common conditions without incurring expensive veterinarian bills. Guaranteed to provide the comfort and relief your dog desires or you can take advantage of our 100% Total Satisfaction Guarantee. That means all you have to do is return the cool dog mat and we will issue prompt refund of the purchase price. No Questions Asked because we want Fido happy above all else. Click the Add to Cart Button at the Top of the Page NOW