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Dog Muzzle Pet Puppy Safety Mouth Cover Adjustable Stop Bit Chew Bark

Comfortable for the dog to wear and allows them to drink and breath easily whilst stopping chewing or biting. Muzzle fits around the dogs nose, then strong nylon webbing goes behind the dog’s ears and fasten with an adjustable plastic clip. Comfortable and flexiable muzzle with adjustable strap and ‘quick fit’ catch. Prevent your dog for Biting, Barking and Chewing! Soft and flexible. Adjustable strap with catch. Comfort strip for your dog’s nose. Dog training aids . Muzzling is for restraint, not punishment. Prevent your dogs from hurting passersby unintentionally when walking on crowded streets. Prevent the dogs from eating dirty food outside. Prevent your dogs from barking, good air permeability. Manufactured from strong fabric nylon. To find your dog’s size, measure the circumference behind the nose, you should allow enough room for your finger, to allow your dog to breath and pant comfortably. Better to be slightly too big than too small. Adjustable Scope: 12cm-18cm approx. 15cm-20cm 18cm-24cm 20cm-28cm Lightweight design creates easy transportation without hindering yourself from playing or running with your animal.