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Stainless Steel Cage Coop Cup Bolt Clamp Hanger Bird Cat Dog Puppy Crate Bowl With Towel (Small)

Description Long-lasting high gloss shine Stainless stell cup is : Rust & scratch resistant ; bacteria resistant Size: Small ,Medium and Large Small: 10cm x 5cm / 3.9 x 2inch (diameter x height),capacity approx 10 oz ; Medium : 12cm x 5.5cm / 4.72inch x 2.16inch (diameter x height) , capacity approx 20 oz Large: 15cm x 6.5cm / 5.9inch x 2.6inch (diameter x height), capacity approx 30 oz Includes chrome-plated bolt clamp hanger Ideal for: Rabbits , ferrets, birds and all other similar size birds and small animals Coop cups easily attach to bird cages, dog crates and chain link fences. Easy to adjust and remove for cleaning. It is made of stainless steel with a smooth rolled edge. All Stainless Steel Bowls are dishwasher safe and resist rust! Package 1 x food bowl 1 x pet towel , color may vary