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Dog Training Pads- Maximum-Absorption Puppy Pee Pads w/Insta-Dry Technology offer Low Price, High Quality & No Tracking. Save Money & Frustration with Leak-Resistant Pads from California Pet Supply – 23.6″ x 23.6″ (Max-Absorbent, 50-Pack)

Superior Quality. Lower Price. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Here’s a question for you… why go to the trouble of buying piddle pads if they leak or allow urine to run all over your floor? That sort of defeats the purpose of having puppy pads, doesn’t it? Because we’d been so disappointed with all the other wee wee pads on the market, we decided to develop a better one. The Problems with Most Training Pads It doesn’t take a lot of investigating to discover many pads have issues with absorption, leaking, running and tracking. That’s mainly because the materials used are lower quality or there simply isn’t enough of the right materials to be effective. That can leave you with a puddle of piddle. How our Pads are Better Our goal in creating our Training Pads was to start the absorption process instantly (right from the time the piddle hit the pad) and quickly turn the liquid into gel so it couldn’t go anywhere. Through our unique Insta-Dry Technology and extreme amounts of absorbent material in our core, your floors are protected against drips, leaks, runoff and tracking. Great for… Potty training puppies/housebreaking Older dogs that can’t/won’t go outside Winter months or inclement weather Sick or injured pets Female pets that are in heat Incontinent dogs and cats Night time leakage Pets that live in condos and apartments Kennel liners FREE Shipping & 100% Satisfaction Guarantee If you don’t love it, we’ll make it right by exchanging or refunding your purchase. You’ve got our word on it. You’ve got nothing to lose except a big ‘ole mess. Scroll up, click add to cart and end the frustration of sub-standard pee pee pads.