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Esbilac® Liquid Milk Replacer for Puppies & Dogs, 8oz/11oz Cans, 4-Pack w/Nurser

Esbilac® Puppy Milk Replacer is the Number #1 selling puppy milk replacer. This ready-to-feed liquid supplies the necessary vitamins & minerals to ensure proper growth & development in your puppy or dog. Similar to bitch’s milk in caloric protein, fat and carbohydrates, Esbilac® is recommended as a complete food source for orphaned or rejected puppies, or for those nursing but needing supplemental feeding. Also recommended for growing puppies or adult dogs that may be tired, stressed or convalescing and require a source of highly digestible nutrients. To insure your product arrives fresh & ready to use, Esbilac® liquid milk replacer ships with a “6-Month Date-Code Guarantee” meaning your product will ship with a minimum of 6-months remaining on the listed Best-By Date. Once opened please note shelf-life and follow usage, storage & handling directions on the container carefully to insure safety and proper use. All puppies should receive their mother’s milk for at least 2 days, if possible. This colostrum milk gives extra nutrition and temporary immunity against some diseases. Not for human consumption. Made in the USA.

Wellness Canned Dog Food for Puppy, Just for Puppy Recipe, 12-Pack of 12-1/2-Ounce Cans

Water is an extremely important nutrient with respect to a dog’s overall well-being. Formulated with the same whole food philosophy as our kibble — complete and balanced nutrition using only the finest ingredients — Wellness canned foods are an easy way to increase your dog’s water intake. Wellness Just for Puppy Canned Recipe is nutritionally balanced with fruits, vegetables, vitamins, and minerals to support the development of strong muscles, bones, organs, and teeth. Real-food ingredients include “de-boned” chicken, salmon, barley, flaxseed, carrots, sweet potatoes, apples and pears.