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Puppy Training Kit and Downloadable Ebook. Comes With 10 XL Puppy Pads, Treat Bag And Clicker

Discover how to quickly turn your puppy into a well-trained dog using the fastest most effective puppy training aids on the market! Comes with 2 puppy training reports that serve as instruction manuals for each training aid in our starter kit. Treat Bag Holder: Perfectly sized portable treat bag. Your dog will learn to patiently sit silent knowing what is coming from the red treat bag! It has a drawstring to help close it securely, and has a belt clip on it. Behavior Training Clicker: Distinctive, unique clicking noise that any dog can be conditioned to through simple positive reinforcement training. Great for training new behaviors or curbing bad behaviors. Comes with short actionable repot on how to clicker train. Clicker is well made and fits perfectly in your hand. Also comes with a keychain ring. 10 XL Puppy Pee Pads: The best potty training tool on the market. Can be used indoors or outdoors. Comes with a 7 day potty training plan. Parachute Puppy Pads are also sold separately on Amazon and are the highest rated pads on the market (4.5 Stars!), and you get to try them out for way cheaper! They come in an Extra Large size: 35.5 x 23.5 inches (90 x 60 centimeters). The size and quality of this pad is built for a pet owner that cares about their dog and their floors, providing the dog a bigger target to go on. Giving Back: Remember that your order helps contribute to our annual donation to the Humane Society. ORDER NOW to get the best dog training aids on the market including free instruction manuals for each aid. Invest in training your pet now to become a well-behaved dog for years to come!

Body Guard Service Dog Vest Harness with removable Velcro Patches. Purchase comes with 2 BODY GUARD reflective patches. Please measure your dog before ordering.

This harness comes with reflective Velcro patches on each side of the harness. The entire chest strap is reflective and the harnesses entire trim is reflective for your dog’s safety. The handle on top gives handler extra control in all situations. It is designed with durable 2 inch nylon. The underside is made of neoprene which adds reinforcement and guards against abrasions like few materials do. A stainless steel heave duty D-ring is located on top of the harness for easy access to your leash. The entire harness is double stitched to add strength for all activities. Two adjustable straps to assure custom fit specifically for your dog. The 2″ inch easy snap release buckle makes this harness the easiest harness to put on and take off.