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Cooling Dog Bed Pad for Dogs – Cool Pet Beds – Chilly Gel Mat for Dogs and Puppies

Our dog cooling gel bed is just want you need for your dog during the “Dog Days of Summer,” and anytime your four-legged buddy needs some quick cooling down. Because dogs don’t have sweat glands and cool down by panting, sometimes they could use a little assistance bringing down their core temperature. Designed to utilize a soft, cool gel to radiate heat back into the air or floor. The water saturated Cool Core absorbs the dog’s natural body temperature and converts it to room temperature which is normally well below the dogs’ body temperature and create a surface that keeps your dog cool. We designed our Dog Cooling Mat to be convenient and easy to use and maintain. Our dog cool mat: – Requires no electricity; – Is totally non-toxic tough nylon with a vinyl exterior; – Safe for indoors or outdoors use; – Does not require refrigeration; – Stays cools for hours; – Good for Pain, Swelling, aches while it cools & soothes; – Perfect for Cars, Trucks or SUV’s; – Features an adjustable comfort valve which allows you to set the firmness level to your dog’s comfort. Our soft, puncture-resistant, durable mats provide cooling therapy for your dog after a play time, on a hot summers day or for older dogs suffering joint pain and is a model therapeutic aid that is an economical way to treat common conditions without incurring expensive veterinarian bills. Guaranteed to provide the comfort and relief your dog desires or you can take advantage of our 100% Total Satisfaction Guarantee. That means all you have to do is return the cool dog mat and we will issue prompt refund of the purchase price. No Questions Asked because we want Fido happy above all else. Click the Add to Cart Button at the Top of the Page NOW

Alcott Explorer 10-Inch to 14-Inch Cooling Bandana, Small, Grey and Black

Help your thrill sniffer stay cool during your outdoor adventures with this Small Alcott Explorer Cooling Bandana. The Velcro strap adjusts to fit 10″ to 14″. The non-toxic polymer beads absorb cold water and provide a refreshing cooling sensation for several hours. The bandana is designed to fit around your pet’s neck and rest comfortable on their chest. It is reusable and hand washable. Before embarking on a new adventure, soak the bandana in cold water for 3 to 5 minutes. Remove the bandana from the water an duse a towel to absorb the excess water. The cooling beads will swell and become larger in size, letting you know that the bandana is ready to wear. Be sure to let it air dry between uses or long-term storage. Do not freeze or refrigerate.