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ProSelect 14-1/2-Inch Stainless Steel Puppy Dish

ZW018 14 Size: 14.5″ W x 2″ D Features: -Puppy dish.-Material: 100% Stainless steel.-Smartly designed to make feeding puppies easier.-Design also discourages dogs from walking in or sleeping in their food.-Back by popular demand.-Raised center that keeps food near the outer rim.-Great for feeding litters.-Easier for puppies to reach. Options: -Available in 11” or 14.5” sizes. Dimensions: -11” Dimensions: 11” W x 1.5” D.-14.5” Dimensions: 14.5” W x 2” D.

Bergan Stainless Steel Puppy Dish, 9-1/2-Cup

The Bergan Stainless Steel line of bowls offers durability and a variety of designs. Bowls are available in five designs and multiple sizes to accommodate any pet. In the absence of universal bowl capacity standards, many suppliers advertise ‘2-Quart’ bowls, but they have a lower actual capacity. In the spirit of keeping it real, ALL Bergan bowls reflect true capacity.

Loving Pets Stainless Litter Dish Puppy Bowl, 11-Inch

Loving Pets Stainless Litter Dish Puppy Bowl is an excellent dish for puppies to share their meals or water in a whelping cage. These stainless steel bowls do not absorb food odors and are dishwasher safe. Perfect for all puppies. Lifetime guarantee.