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Dog Boots Disposable, Reusable, Waterproof Pawz Set of 12 Color:Red Size:Small

Pawz is the worlds only disposable, natural rubber boots designer to go on easily and fit securely without zippers or straps.Fashionable yet durable, Pawz is serious paw protection. We for years tried to put our dog in boots for the winter time We leave in a city and people use a lot of salt during the winter time, unfortunately after we tried many different options from very expensive to the cheap boots our dog was walking bare paws on the salt. Just imagine no more cuts from the walks on a beach. Pawz is the first product that our dog was able to use and we are very proud to bring it to you – Our customers These boots were made for walking and protecting precious paws from mud, salt, fire ants, pesticides, chemicals or snow. Dogs who refuse to wear other boots feel comfortable wearing these natural rubber boots because they allow your pet to feel the ground and so provide him a sense of security. Easy to put on; no zippers or straps. Includes twelve waterproof boots that can be used multiple times. For the perfect fit, measure paw from front to back, including toenails. Sizes:XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL |SIZE |PAW SIZE |COLOR | |XXS |UP TO 1″ UNDER 10LBS~~|YELLOW COLOR~~| |XS |1″-1.5″ |ORANGE COLOR~~| |SMALL |1.5″-2″ |RED COLOR | |MEDIUM~~|2″-3″ |BLUE COLOR | |LARGE |3″-4″ |PURPLE COLOR~~| |XL |OVER 4″ |GREEN COLOR |

Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Potty with REAL Grass – As Seen on Shark Tank

FRESH PATCH is a stylish R-E-A-L GRASS potty box that is fully disposable. The special hydroponically-grown grass is light-weight, long-lasting, and dirt-free. The complex root structure absorbs urine and odors. The wonderful grass scent naturally attracts dogs–unlike plastic potties and diaper-like pee pads that smell bad, turn dogs off, and are disgusting too. With no reusable parts to clean or replace, disposal is EASY. This dog-friendly, people-friendly, Eco-friendly potty can be used anywhere, any time. Ideal for apartment dwelling, busy schedules, and avoidance of early-day, late-night, or bad-weather dog-walks. Now, your dog can get relief when needed, not on a pre-set schedule. Our 16″x24″ potty is nice-and-roomy for dogs up to 25 lbs. and easy to discard. Other potties are too bulky and heavy for most dog owners to manage. For larger dogs, FRESH PATCH units can be joined together. For more information and training tips, check out! Fresh Patch ships on Mondays and Thursdays. We ship from CA via FedEx, and transit time can take 2-5 days, depending on destination. Holidays will affect shipping times, and uncontrollable weather or shipping conditions can occasionally cause some delays. For potty emergencies, contact us at 1-888-814-2670 (free) or at, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you! We pride ourselves on customer service, and we will strive to give you timely delivery and assist you in any other way we can.

Super-Absorbent Polymer PUPPY PADS – Dog Wee Wee Housebreaking Disposable Training Pads – 100 Count

100 total Super-Absorbent Polymer technology Quilted Design puppy pads, size is 17.5 inches x 23.5 inches with sealed edges, includes plastic backing that will keep your floor DRY. Quality, puppy training pads with new SUPER-ABSORBENT POLYMER technology. 5 Layers of protection: 1. Tear Resistant Cover 2. Super Absorbent Tissue 3. Poly-Lock Core Locks in Liquid 4. Reinforced Bonding Layer 5. Leak proof Plastic Liner Downtown Pet Supply Brand Multi-Purpose Puppy Pads can also be used for the following: dog crate liners, convalescing pets, meal areas, litter boxes, car seat covers, dirty/muddy paws, messy spills, mats, kennel liners, etc.