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Dr. Mercola Gentle Dental Bones – Edible Dental Chew Bones – Soothes Painful Puppy Teething – For Older Dogs With Sensitive Mouths – 100% USA Ingredients – 100% Natural Nutrition – Small Dogs (Under 25 lbs) – 12 Bones

You love your dog and try to give them everything they need to stay healthy and happy. However, there’s one area of your ‘best friend’s’ health you might overlook – their teeth.But if you’ve got a puppy or an older dog that’s losing teeth, you don’t want to give him something that could potentially injure him.So what do you do?Your pet still has a need and desire to chew for many of the same reasons as do puppies.And healthy chewing to keep your pet’s remaining teeth clean and gums stimulated is as crucial as ever.Obviously, you want to select a dental chew that is gentle on sensitive gums and delicate teeth.And that’s where Mercola Healthy Pets Gentle Dental Bone come in.Each safe and delicious Mercola Healthy Pets Gentle Dental Bone is the natural alternative to other popular — yet potentially hazardous — dog dental chews on the market.Veterinarian-recommended Mercola Healthy Pets Gentle Dental Bone provides your pet with:• 100% natural nutrition; USDA certified organic brown rice as the #1 ingredient; Natural cleaning abrasives• A chew that is completely digestible; An irresistible flavor treat; Fresher breath; 100% U.S.A. ingredients for your peace of mindPlus, Mercola Healthy Pets Gentle Dental Bones contain the added goodness of cinnamon, traditionally used for toothache and bad breath. Regular use of cinnamon may also help promote normal digestive function.Improve Your Pet’s Dental Health – Stock Up On Healthy Pets Gentle Dental Bones Today!