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Stunt Puppy Everyday Dog Leash, Small, Black

The Stunt Puppy Everyday Leash for small dogs has narrower width webbing than the standard everyday leash but has all the same bells and whistles. This leash is designed with everyday fun in mind. Built with the same tubular webbing used by climbers and firefighters, it’s the softest, smoothest and most comfortable leash for you and your best friend. This leash is incredibly versatile in terms of length and temporary hitches. The human end can go from handle to waist belt to easy hitch in seconds. Features include a five-foot adjustable-length leash to make any size you need, traffic loop at base to pull ’em close when you need to, a best-in-class Duraflex Rock Lockster buckle, adjustable-length handle for temporary tie-out, waist loop or over-the-shoulder loop, and a one-inch black swivel snap hook for easy clipping for human hands.