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Extending Dog Leash by Vanko’s. Puppy Retractable Walking Leads 3M for Small Puppy Dogs. Easy walking for your pets!

“Enjoy walking your dog with retractable leash! Retractable Belt Dog Leash Extends up to 10 Feet! Strong leash can support dogs up to 25 pounds. Neat product that allows your dog running freely under your control. Enjoy walking your dog with Vanko’s retractable leash, giving your dog the feeling of freedom and the control to you. The leash offers an outstanding sturdiness and a comfortable, reliable high-end braking system. The handle is very user-friendly thanks to its ergonomic design and the soft grip. This leash is retractable allowing you to easily lengthen or shorten the line. Walk your dog in comfort with this Retractable Leash for Dogs. Convenient for a variety of walking environments, you can lengthen and shorten this leash depending on how freely you can allow your pup to roam. Amazon Buyers Trust our Brand for providing Great Quality Products Get our Lifetime Product Warranty too! Do not hesitate to Buy Now!”