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Yummy Paws Dog Toys, Plush limbless Squeak Animal, Rope with Ball And Bonus Fetch balls for Dogs/Puppies Cool Interactive 5 Pack Gift Set Great for Tug-O-War/Fetch Pet Chew Toys (colors may very)

Yummy Paws Friendly Pet Friendly Solutions We are proud to bring to you this SUPER training dog chew toy bundle! You’ll already know that dogs love to chew and will! This package will save you time and money on damaged shoes, bags, clothesand furniture plus cleaning can be a real head ache. Learning Curb Your dog will never want your shoes again, with 5 different chew toys your dog will be entertained for longer than you can imagine. Dog Trainershave used this method to teach Puppies, Dogs And Even Cats to break bad habits. Whats in the box 1. 15″ rope toy with double knot 1. Plush limbless Squeak Animal 1. Figure 8 rope with ball 1. 18″ rope with chew knot shapes may very 2. Bonus fetch balls Benefits 1. Balance play with discipline Make obedience training fun 2. Exercise and bonding tool many health Benefit 3. Cleans pets teeth as they play 4. Perfect For All Dogs 5. Pet friendly safe none toxic FINALLY SAY LEAVE MY SHOES ALONE YUMMY PAWS CHEW TOYS GET YOURS NOW ADD TO CART

Dog Tennis Balls – 6 Small, High Quality, Tennis Balls – The Little Dog’s Balls – Small Dog Balls, Small Dog Ball, Dog Toy for Puppies, Small Dogs or Cute Cats. For Puppy Exercise, Puppy Play, Small Dog Play, Puppy Training and Fetch. For a Smaller Mouth and Too Small for Chuckit Launchers, No Squeaker, the King Kong of Little Dog Balls! Woof Woof:)

The Little Dog’s Balls are fun for all of your little pet family. They look like a human tennis ball, they feel like a human tennis ball, and they bounce like a human tennis ball – but they are not a human tennis ball – they are The Little Dog’s Balls. All our little dogs want is to play with their own balls and that is why we have finally created a little dog tennis ball specifically designed for our sweet and lovable little dogs. These smaller tennis balls are for our smaller breeds and puppies, they are our little dog’s balls. The little dog’s balls for little dogs. The little dog’s balls to play with and to exercise your little dogs. These little balls are like a little dog supplement as they exercise our little dogs to keep our smaller pets healthy – the best thing for a dog’s health. The Little Dog’s Balls, designed and made by humans, tested on small dogs, for small dogs and puppies. 9 out of 10 little dogs who played with The Little Dog’s Balls rolled around and said ‘yep yep yep!’ 🙂