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Milliard Portable Dog/Cat/Puppy/Pet Playpen, Exercise Crate/Kennel – Extremely Easy setup and Fold Down with Included Storage Bag, Great as a Pet Pen for Indoor or Outdoor Use – 30″L x 30″W x 17″T

Indoor pets are generally healthy pets. They aren’t exposed to fleas and ticks, and there’s no worries about getting loose or encountering unfriendly visitors. Your pet doesn’t need to be your prisoner, though. If fences or leashes aren’t an option, you can still share the great outdoors with your furry little convict with the Milliard Portable Pet Playpen. This soft-sided enclosure merges the safety and comfort of a carrier with the size and security of a crate to give pets a safe place to run around in fresh air and bask in their own slice of nature.FEATURES:• Unfolds to a generous-sized enclosure 30 inches across and nearly 1½ feet tall for puppies, kittens, and small adult pets.• Mesh windows on all sides and on top give pets a full 360° view while keeping them safely in place.• Removable ceiling and floor panels can be quickly zipped on or off to allow access from above, or freedom to dig around in the ground below, and two zippered side doors let pets in, out, or through.• Two large side pockets, a mesh bottle holder, and an elastic strap are stitched into the sides for keeping water, treats, food, and toys organized.• Six anchor loops are stitched into the floor for tethering the playpen in place when pets get rowdy.• Made from water-resistant 600D polyester canvas with double stitching on all seams and windows for long life and reinforcement against scratchers and diggers without using hard plastic or metal bars.• Includes a carry tote to fold the playpen away quickly into a slim, portable package once playtime is over.Pets stirring up trouble around the house? The playpen is also a great indoor solution for small dogs, cats, bunnies, chinchillas, ferrets, guinea pigs and other small or medium-sized pets.