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American Kennel Club GoodDog! Helpline Gift Card

AKC GoodDog!℠ Helpline Gift Card AKC GoodDog!℠ Helpline Gift Card The AKC GoodDog!℠ Helpline is a live telephone service, available 7 days a week, for any behavior advice or training tips you might need for your canine companion. For a one-time fee you’ll receive one-on-one attention from our trainers who will develop a plan specifically for you and your dog. There are no appointments to set-up, books to read or videos to watch, just a lifetime of support to help you get in tune with your pup and guide you throughout your growing relationship. Get the coaching you need to be a great pet parent from our knowledgeable AKC GoodDog!℠ Helpline trainers! Over 30,000 Subscribers and Counting! Why Subscribe: Personalized training advice unique to your dog’s needs Knowledgeable trainers who are there for you 7 days a week Unlimited calls for the lifetime of your dog Testimonials “My dog Fenway was constantly grabbing clothes when I tried to get dressed. The AKC GoodDog!℠ Helpline gave me several suggestions for positively correcting this behavior including confining him briefly in his crate while I got dressed but giving him several treats while in the crate to make it not seem like a punishment. After several days of doing this, he now sits happily on the floor and is well behaved. “- Rich H. “My first call was about my puppy eating everything he comes across. The trainer gave me some excellent training tips and pointed out some areas I was reinforcing the wrong thing (putting the reward on the ground, for one). It’s been a week of work, but the results are fantastic. The puppy still picks up a few things on our walks, but when I give the ‘drop it’ command, he immediately spits it out. I am delighted to get such good advice and see such quick results. Plus, I was very impressed that the trainer I spoke with was not only delightful on the phone, but followed up with an email. I feel that this service is one of the best investments I’ve ever made on behalf of my dogs. “- Carol B. Our Philosophy At the American Kennel Club, we believe that all dog owners deserve well-trained dogs. With the AKC GoodDog!℠ Helpline, we offer our subscribers unlimited advice and tips using positive reinforcement techniques.