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Blueberry Pet Basic Collars for Dogs 5/8″ Small 3M Reflective Spring Pastel Baby Blue Adjustable Padded Dog Collar with Tag Holder, Matching Harness Available Separately

From our Summer-Ready Pastel Must-have Collection, this dog collar is beautifully crafted with trendy pastel colors and comfy styles. One special thing about this collar is the super soft neoprene layer, which exhibits good stability and maintains extra comfort. This collar is also made with 3M reflective thread stitching on its webbing to ease the worry about losing your loved pets. This designer dog collar is available in 2 pastel colors: misty blue and baby pink. Other buyers are emptying our racks! What are you waiting for? This is your last chance – get your pets prepared in a high-end neoprene dog collar from the pastel color trends.

Retractable Dog Leash – FREE Bonus Waste Bag Holder & 2 FREE eGuides – 16′ NO BURN Lead – Pets up to 44 lbs – Easy One Button Brake & Lock Safety System – Large Ergonomic Handle – Built to Last!

Sometimes, 6 feet is an appropriate length, while other times 16 feet is better suited to the situation! With our retractable pet leash there’s no need to own multiple leashes. Simply slide the handily available brake button forward to use the locking mechanism, flexibly adapting the leash to whatever length you wish… this is the best & easiest way to enjoy a walk with man’s best friend! Keep Your “Paws” Comfy! Why should a leash for small to medium pets have a small to medium handle? It shouldn’t! Our easy to hold ergonomic handle is designed to be comfy for all sized hands; from large adult hands to small children paws No Need for the Hassle of Rolling or Wrapping This Puppy for Storage Conveniently reels its cord in, similar to a tape measure, to easily set aside for the next dog walk We Make Sure You’re Reeling Smooth! The strong 16′ foot belt/ribbon style cord uses a specialized slot to make sure your leash keeps sliding smooth and tangle free Doggone Love It or Your Money Back! BonaFido’s promise: if you don’t love your leash, how comfortable & easy it is to use, & how durable & well-built it is… we’ll give you a full refund! Retractable Leashes are NOT all created equally… At BonaFido we consider our brand as a reflection of us, not just our products. Our pets are more than just our best friends, they’re part of the family! That’s why you won’t find a better quality Retractable Leash to keep your beloved best pal and family member safe! So take home the best retractable leash on Amazon today! Simply click “Add to Cart” & see just how quickly & easily you can enjoy any length walk – with any length of leash… 100% Risk Free!

Favorite Dog Protection Plastic Tray/Puppy Training Pad Holder/Indoor Restroom for Pets with High Protection Sides/Dog Litter Box with High Walls, S

Description: Favorite dog litter box is a kind of basic pet supply. Especially this small size, it is much more suitable for the small type or young dog to train and develop right habit. The mesh design protects the urine seepage effective. At this time, what you need is a good training pad or several layers of newspaper, the clean environment and fresh air will be kept. Then the opening style is convenient to get in and out. Furthermore, its high fence keeps the urine away from spraying out of the tray, and low front access is practical. All we hope is to provide pet with a perfect experience. Product Details and Features Size: 15.5″ L X 16″ W X 6.5″ H, opening reaches to 10.5″ L, and inner size is 13″ L X 13″ W X 5.5″ H Weight: 1.93lb Color: Blue Manufacturer: Favorite Recommendation: Small pets

Vet’s Best Floor Protection Dog Pad Holder

Vet’s Best Training Pad Holder is the perfect way to keep your dog’s training pad in place. Pad holder prevents training pad tearing and shredding, and keeps urine from flowing over the pad edge. Simple and easy to use in three steps, and holds any training pad 21 inches x 21 inches or larger.

E&S Pets- 46480-25 3D magnetic Newfoundland pet note holder. Makes the perfect pet gift for Newfoundland lovers. Uniquely hand-crafted for your home or office.

Tired of Always misplacing your notepads? Announcing our new 3D magnetic Newfoundland pen holders. This is the perfect gift for all pet lovers. You can hang it on your refrigerator at home or put it on your desk at work. It comes complete with a stack of paper and a pen. This note holder measures at 5x5x2 inches and weighs 8 ounces. It is beautifully hand-crafted and perfect for Newfoundland lovers.

Favorite® Dog Protection Plastic Training Tray/Puppy Training Pad Holder/Indoor Restroom for Pets with High Protection Sides/Dog Litter Box with High Walls

Details:Dimensions: 22.4″L x 16.9″ W x 5.7″ HWeight: 2.63 lbs.Color: BlueSize: LMaterial: PolypropyleneManufacturer: FavoriteRecommendation: Puppies or old dogs Description:Whether your puppy is house training, your dog is trained to “go” indoors, or your older dog has issues with incontinence, this convenient plastic tray will keep those moist training pads off your floors and carpets. Provides extra protection against leakage and makes cleanups easier. Instructions:1. Place a training pads in the protection tray and put it in a spot where your dog feels comfortable.2. When you notice your dog looking for a place to relieve himself, take your dog to the pad.3. If your dog relieves himself off the pad, bring your dog back to the pad to reinforce the desired behavior. If your dog relieves himself on the pad, reward with praise and attention to reinforce the behavior.4. Replace soiled pad with a clean pad and clean tray as needed.

Dogit Training Pad Holder

The dogit training pad holder is for use with the dogit training pads. It features a solid plastic frame with raised edges to help contain spills. It’s quick, easy and simple use just unlock the clips, lift up the top portion, position the pad in place, and replace and lock the top portion back in place. The dogit training pad holder is great for helping to protect your carpet and floor when you are potty training your new puppy.

Got Yo Gifts Puppy Note Holder

Beautifully laser cut there is not another note holder like it on the market. Stick them anywhere. Give some style to your notes and memos. Independently tested to be twice as sticky as the competition.

IRIS Training Pad Holder, Regular

Neat ‘n Dry Floor Protection Tray will securely buckle up Dog Training Pad. Also ideal for food dish tray to protect floor from spills. Made from Polypropylene and A B S Resin