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MidWest Homes For Pets Puppy Playpen 224-10 with 1″ Floor Grid

The Puppy Playpen features an attractive, long lasting double nickel chrome plated finish for a unique look. It has an adjustable floor grid to keep your dogs clean and elevated. Also, it folds as flat for easy storage or transportation. The dog crate has a drop pin corner rods for rigidity and maximum stability and comes with a tough and easy to clean ABS plastic pan to take all the unwanted dirt and dust that your pets produce.

MidWest Homes For Pets Puppy Playpen 248-05 with 1/2″ Floor Grid

MidWest® Puppy Playpen with ½” Floor Grid Spacing There’s no place like home. Dorothy said it, but Toto was thinking it, you can be sure. You want your puppy’s first foray into the world to be soothing and comfortable, and MidWest® Home for Pets has constructed the perfect crate just for your new best friend. This playpen is uniquely designed with an adjustable floor grid for easy cleaning and accessibility. Plenty of room for fun activities. Snug enough to snooze in with fellow pups. Sturdy gridding keeps interior open, fresh and breezy. It’s also a wonderful way to travel (just watch out for those hot air balloons headed to Oz). Features: · Easy access to puppy-no bending or stooping necessary · Handsome and rugged · Drop pin corner rods provide stable base · Slide-bolt latches offer superior security · Tough ABS plastic pan for easy cleaning · Adjustable for puppies of all sizes · Lower floor for side door access; raise flooring to lift smaller pups · Gridding cleans effortlessly · Assembles without tools · Folds flat for simple storage Item Specifications: Size: Crate: 24″L x 36″W x 30″H Mesh: 1.125″ x 6″ Wire Gauge: 7, 11 (pen) 3, 11 (floor grid) Floor Grid: ½” spacing Shipping Weight: 37 lbs. Crate: 36″L x 36″W x 30″H Mesh: 1.125″ x 6″ Wire Gauge: 7, 11 (pen) 3, 11 (floor grid) Floor Grid: ½” spacing Shipping Weight: 57 lbs. Crate: 48″L x 48″W x 30″H Mesh: 1.125″ x 6″ Wire Gauge: 7, 11 (pen) 3, 11 (floor grid) Floor Grid: ½” spacing Shipping Weight: 84 lbs. Color: Black

Midwest Homes for Pets Grooming Table Shelf

Midwest Shelf for Grooming Tables This easy to install shelf allows for storage in otherwise wasted space and keeps items in place. Grid construction allows hair and other debris to fall through. The rubber trim and end caps protect against snags, while protecting the top cross bar of the legs on the table from from scratches. Made for Midwest Grooming Tables, 36″ and 48″ Item Specifications: Size: 36″L x 16 1/2″W 1 1/2″ Lip on either side Finish: Black Electro-Coat Rubber Tubing Material: 3 & 9 gauge wire.

Midwest Homes for Pets Poquito Travel Bag

Designed specifically for Poquito Avian Hotel. Cushioned Shoulder Strap & Carry Handle Provide for Easy Transport Fold-Over Flap with Snap-Lock Buckles Secure Contents Zippered Front Pocket for Bowl Storage.

Midwest Homes for Pets Wire Mesh Top for Pet Carriers

The Midwest wire mesh dog exercise pen top adds extra security to your pet’s exercise pen. It deters unwanted intruders and prevents your pets from making an untimely escape. This product features 9-and 11-gauge Acri-Lock acrylic-coated black zinc-plated wire with a contoured edge that fits securely over any 4×4-foot pen. Comes bundled with eight metal bolt snaps.