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Hypoallergenic Puppy Dog Shampoo – 100% Natural Hypoallergenic & Puppy Pet Shampoo for Puppies, Dogs & Cats With Allergies, Delicate, Sensitive Skin, 16 oz -by Healthy Clean Pet

Hypoallergenic Pet Shampoo for Puppies, Kittens, Dogs & Cats Healthy Clean Pet hypoallergenic dog shampoo is the top rated #1 hypoallergenic dog shampoo for allergic, sensitive, delicate, & dry skin on the market. This anti-allergy puppy shampoo is made with natural Hazel, Echinacea and Clove ingredients, which helps to relief allergies, irritated skin, dry and sensitive skin. This shampoo is also made with the correct PH for puppies and kittens. Does Your Dog or Cat Have Delicate, Sensitive or Allergic Skin? Healthy Clean Pet Hypoallergenic Shampoo addresses the problem of allergic skin, dry, sensitive, irritated skin in pets and baby-pets. Skin problems is a common problem caused by factors such as air conditioning or heating in home, outdoor weather conditions, nutrition, genetics, and aging Hypoallergenic Pet Shampoo for Puppies, Kittens, Dogs & Cats Benefits – Made with all Natural Hazel, Echinacea and Clove which helps to reduce allergies, dry, irritation and damaged skin – The PH appropriate and correct for use in dogs and cats from 3 months of age or more – Smells great and is guaranteed to leave your pet’s coat fresh, shiny and more radiant looking by moisturizing skin Healthy Clean Pet Hypoallergenic & Puppy Shampoo is backed by 60 days Guarantee We take pride in premium products & great customer service. All pet shampoos are sent using Amazon FBA fast shipping in order to deliver the shampoo to you as fast as possible. Get Healthy Clean Pet hypoallergenic dog shampoo delivered to your door by clicking on the “Add to Cart” button now.

Best Waterproof FLEECE Kennel Crate Pad Washable Cover; (for crates 36 x 24) Hypoallergenic Made in USA (Tan Fleece w Black, Large)

We are the manufacturer of the TETON DOG KENNEL CRATE PAD; this allows us to sell our pads to the public at WHOLESALE PRICING. All TETON DOG products are MADE IN THE USA with attention to quality, service and detail you and your Dog deserve. There are a lot of Kennel & Crate pads for sale but eventually the question arises “How Do I Keep It CLEAN”. Very few pads are removable or easily washable (if they are washable at all, they often require special “Delicate” conditions) and even fewer have a waterproof cover to protect the contents from getting Dirty, Smelly or Wet. The TETON DOG KENNEL CRATE PAD is ideal for use as a travel bed, Kennel pad, Crate pad or for dogs that prefer to sleep on the floor. Stain-Resistant, Anti-Bacterial, and is easily removed and washable in HOT water with any detergent and dried on any setting (even HOT). Best of all the cover is also WATERPROOF so no matter what your dog gets on the cover (Dirt, Mud, Urine, Feces) the cover protects what is inside it, the insert never needs washing, it never gets Dirty, Smelly or Wet.