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Pet Dreams Plush Cratewear Set, Ivory Fits 36-Inch Crates, 3-Piece

Pet Dreams’ Cratewear is a complete 3-Piece set and includes a decorative cover, reversible crate pad and safety bumper. The 3-Piece will instantly turn your metal cage into a comfortable bedroom. Cratewear gives you the style you want and the comfort your pet deserves. Stylish crate covers reduce barking and stress. Safety bumpers protect your puppy the same way bumpers protect a baby in a crib. The crate pad is reversible for less laundering. All 3-Piece are 100-Percent Wash and Dry. Free crate training brochure endorsed by top veterinarians and trainers included. They are made to fit crate from 19-Inch, 24-Inch, 30-Inch, 36-Inch in length. Our unique pattern accommodates most crates made by Midwest, Precision and others.

Pinkaholic New York Candy Mist Winter Snood Pet Hat, Small, Ivory

This is the Pinkaholic New York Candy Mist Snood featuring the same fabric and pattern as the Candy Mist sweater, Candy Mist Harnesses, Candy Mist Hat, etc. A snood is a combination of a scarf and hood, usually in a tubular shape. A dog snood is used on breeds that have long droopy ears. It can hold the ears back and away from the food bowl, keeping the ears dry and healthy. It can also be used as an outdoor accessory, as it can provide protection to the neck against cold winds from the winter months. It can also work as a cone, preventing dogs from scratching their ears and causing ear infections. Available in Indian Pink and Ivory in sizes ranging from Small to Extra Large. Please note that because these products were created with small dog breeds in mind, larger sizes (i.e. Large, Extra-Large, etc.) do not necessarily mean larger breeds. Please refer to image of the size chart. As a general rule of thumb, if your dog falls in between sizes, it is usually better to go up a size. Weight figures are for estimates only. Always use actual measurements.