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Dog Bandana and Leg Bands Set, Neon Orange with Reflective Strips for Safety!

Walk Safe and Sassy Reflective Dog Bandana and Leg Bands, Neon Orange, Size Small, Velcro Closures, Nylon/Polyester, Warm Water Washable. Are you gambling with your Pet’s Safety? Dogs have been our best friends for centuries and for good reason. They are loving, loyal and protective. But are you doing everything you can to protect your dog? There’s nothing more relaxing than taking an evening stroll with your dog, whether on the city streets, a country road or in the woods behind the house. But the key to staying safe is VISIBILITY!. Walk Safe and Sassy Reflective Bandana and Leg Bands ensures that your dog is easy to spot, even from a distance, to drivers, hunters or other pet walkers. DON’T LOSE YOUR DOG! Should your furry friend get loose or LOST, it makes it much easier to find your pet too! EASY TO PUT ON! Unlike full vests, the Bandana and Leg Bands don’t restrict your dog’s movements, bind or cause chafing, so he is free to run and romp without irritation. With the adjustable Velcro closures and tough, breathable Nylon/Polyester fabric, the set is so comfortable your dog won’t even realize he’s wearing it! Keeping your precious pet safe has never been so easy! Walk Safe and Sassy Bandana and Leg Bands give you everything you need to ensure your pets are visible and safe. * Bright Neon Orange Reflective Bandana and Bands alert motorists that you are up ahead * Dog Bandana and Bands take seconds to put on and fit easily * Constructed of durable Nylon and Polyester with strong Velcro closures * Washable in warm water, they clean up in a snap!