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The First 100 Days With Your Puppy: Train Your Dog Like a Dog Trainer

This book will give you a unique insight into the world of puppy training. It is the ultimate guide to everything from housebreaking to heeling. Together with me and my eight week old puppy, we will work through each day and week of the first one hundred days of training and behavior shaping. You will learn not only how to master obedience skills, but also deal with most of the behavioral issues you will encounter in the first 100 days with your puppy. There are lots of insider tips and tricks you won’t find in other books. The First 100 Days with Your Puppy are the most challenging, and this book will help to lay a solid foundation of not only obedience skills, but also structure and routine to discourage unwanted behaviors. Through the use of positive reinforcement, this guide will not only help you to have a well behaved puppy, but will set you up to have a wonderful and strong bond with your dog. If you have a puppy problem, this book has the answer. Some of the topics this book covers are: • Housebreaking • Biting • Building Confidence • Earning Freedom • Inappropriate Chewing • Barking • Fear • Healthcare at home • Physical vs. Mental Stimulation • And much more! I look forward to sharing this journey with each of my readers, and I am confident if you follow my guide you too can Train Your Dog Like a Dog Trainer.

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