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Pet Odor Eliminator and Enzyme Cleaner – Dog Urine Neutralizer Easily Removes Pet Stains and Odors – Works on Cat Urine – Great with Puppy Training Pads and Wipes – Linen Fresh Scent

“Enzyme Cleaners Shouldn’t Smell This Good” …”This is the best product I’ve found for cleaning scents thoroughly enough to prevent my dog from returning to the scene of the crime” Imagine you just moved into the new house. You know, THAT new house with the upgrade carpet and plush padding you had to convince your husband to pay extra for? Weeks after the transition all is well until your little pug strikes by deciding to relieve himself on your brand new carpet. Your House Will Thank You OmegaPet’s Pet Odor and Strain Remover is an Enzyme Based Stain Remover that fights to breakdown and completely eliminate pet stains of all kinds. Urine, Vomit, and other common stains are no match for this patented formula. Laced with a delightful Linen-Fresh scent, you’ll feel like using it for carpet, your car, curtains, and even stained clothing. You’ll love the spray bottle delivery system making it easy to spray on carpet and hardwoods. So grab your bottle today while supplies last. It’s a small price for feeling stress-free about your carpet.