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[New Release, February 2016] PLS Pet Cuddle Pouch Pet Bed (Small), Bag, Covered Hodded Pet Bed, Igloo-Shaped Lounger, Cosy, For Cats and Puppies, Brown

The PLS Pet Cuddle Pouch provides the comfort your pets deserve. With its innovative design, the cuddle pouch is a unique bed that your fury friend will fall in love with. It is made with ultra-soft and plush short floss fabric, resembling the fur of your pet. The bottom is made with waterproof oxford fabric with antiskid points.The PLS Pet Cuddle pouch features a unique igloo-like design, that will keep your pet warm and cozy. Open on one side, the cuddle pouch provides a secure environment, where your pet can rest while feeling safe. It is available in two sizes, small and medium. The bottom cushion is removable for use without the hood. The bed is completely machine-washable. The bed comes in vacuum-sealed packaging. When you remove packaging, allow it some time to rise to normal size.