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Wag More Bark Less Cap & Magnet Bundle (Blue)

Everyone in the office snatched up at least one of these before we even had a chance to photograph them. Possibly the best hat we’ve ever put our name on. Their soft, brushed cotton and relaxed fit feels great on your head, and the Velcro closure makes adjusting this cap a breeze. Emblazoned with the Wag More Bark Less mantra (imagine if everyone lived by this motto!). One size fits most. SPREAD THE WORD! Hey, don’t you think that “Wag More, Bark Less” is something that we all should practice a little more? (and we don’t just mean the dogs, either!). For those people afraid of the long term commitment inherent with an adhesive bumper sticker, we now have automotive magnets too! (Or stick one to your refrigerator for a smile as you reach for that midnight snack – mint chocolate chip anyone?). These durable vinyl magnets will resist fading. Choose from multiple colors in oval Wag More Bark Less design. In the color chart the first color listed is the background color, and the second color listed is the font color. Apply to any flat magnetic surface: refrigerators, filing cabinets, cars… anything you can imagine!

“My Dogs Not Spoiled I’m Just Well Trained” Car Magnet With Unique Paw Shaped Design Measures 5.2 by 5.2 Inches Covered In High Quality UV Gloss For Weather Protection

Show the world how much you love your pet with this fun quotable magnet! Featuring the saying “My Dogs Not Spoiled I’m Just Well Trained”, this is a great way to give other drivers a good laugh on the road. Let everyone know just how much you adore your pet and how much your pet adores you. Each magnet has a UV coating to protect against wear and tear due to the weather. The magnetic backing makes this a great item to place on your vehicle, refrigerator, locker, mailbox, or any other magnetic surface. The beauty of the magnet is its easy-on and easy-off technique that allows you to reposition without any damage or mess left behind. Measuring at just 5 inches wide and 4.75 inches tall, it’s just the right size to stand out the right amount!

Petmate Pet Hair Magnet, Yellow

The Petmate Pet Hair Magnet easily removes pet hair from carpets, drapes, couches, chairs and car seats. Easy to use and store.

Imagine This Paw Magnet, Puppy Love

A car magnet in the whimsical shape of a paw displaying a meaningful or funny saying for you and your pet. Durable material and ink for a lasting luster, yet easy to remove any time.

E & S Pets Car Magnet, Shih Tzu, Tan/White Puppy Cut

Show the world just how much you love pets and wildlife with this circle shaped magnet. Magnets come in 90 different dog breeds, cats, horses, wildlife and quotes. Magnetic back allows you the freedom to easily reposition without damage or mess. Easy on.