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Namsan 4 Way Cat Puppy Doggie Lockable Door For Window/Door –White Medium (7.5″ X 7.1″ Opening)

Click here, you can see Namsan more choice about Pets Door. Perfect for the cats or small dogs such as Yorkshire Terriers, Pekinese, Dachshund, Miniature Poodles and Spaniels. Use weight range(recommended): 8kg or less and waist less than 60cm 4 Way locking setting can help you complete control of your baby. Ideal for all doors and window. Pls make sure that the width and the height(shoulder level) of the animal are inferior to the pet door. Material: ABS (smooth and strong) Tool required: pencil, ruler, jigsaw, drill, square, screwdriver, tape measure Size 9.8”(25cm) x 9.4”(24cm) (Outer) 7.48(19cm) x 7.1(18cm) (Inner) Thick:2.2″