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Joybies Navy Blue Piddle Pants(tm) for Small Cat (Measuring 13″-15″ Along Back from Collar to Base of Tail)

Voted one of Cat Fancy Magazine’s Best! Here’s what a School of Veterinary Medicine representative has said about Joybies Piddle Pants(TM) ! “Cats aren’t particularly fond of wearing Piddle Pants at first, but I highly recommend them over the need to clean furniture or carpeting frequently, or to put an otherwise happy cat to sleep.” “On the positive side, my cats seemed to become accustomed to the pants relatively quickly.” “These well made overalls can be washed and line dried” . Recommended by the Feline Behaviour Clinic at Cornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine . Joybies is the premier pet apparel and Design House, offering comfort for your pet, help and hygiene for you and your household , as well as style . Please measure your cat carefully along back , from collar to base of tail . We accept returns only for defective garment and cannot accept a laundered garment for refund . This is a patented product .