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Puppy Love – World’s Cutest Puppies: Dog Facts and Picture Book for Kids

Kids do indeed love books on animals. This is because a child is absolutely captivated by animals. The encyclopedia of animals is especially appealing to all kids. Kids are fascinated by any book on animals. Animal books are loved by kids and the animals do indeed inspire them. Kids will be completely entertained and will stay interested with a book that holds their interest. Kids love learning about the animals.

The 365 Puppies-A-Year Picture-A-Day Wall Calendar 2016

Packed with pure puppy power—the hundreds of cuddly and irresistible winners of the 22nd Annual Puppies of Distinction Contest—365 Puppies-A-Year is the bestselling calendar that makes puppy lovers feel warm and fuzzy, all year long. A bright-eyed bulldog practicing his play stance. Fluffy little border collies and adorably gangly Weimaraners. Bounding beagles, strutting corgis, and lots of sweet mutts. In addition to the full-color photographs, each month’s spread includes health and training tips to keep your own pup healthy and happy.