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Puppies: I Love Dressed Up Puppies (A “Reading Is Fun” Level 2 Reader)

Puppies are often a child’s best friend. They truly are one of the most adorable pets in the world. After all, who can resist such a sweet, cuddly and cute friend. This puppy book offers a wonderful way to engage young readers and build their love of reading by connecting with something they already love and enjoy… puppies. What better way to build a lifelong desire for reading than through a book about adorable dressed up puppies. The joy of reading this book over and over will be an amazing value to you and the child.The photographs in the book are captivating and delightful. Both you and your child will laugh and smile at the hilarious dressed up puppy pictures. Your young reader will be drawn in by the cuteness of the pictures and will learn as you read the simple sentence structure below each picture. Being a level 2 reader, there are more words on each page and the sentences are more advanced than you will find with level 1 books.Jennifer Parker is a true children’s author at heart. She has been a Kindergarten and second grade teacher for years and truly delights in watching children’s minds open and develop as they learn to read. Jennifer believes if you can help children develop the love of reading at a young age, it will make a positive impact in every facet of their lives. If you enjoyed this book be sure to see all of Jennifer Parker’s animal books.