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PlayaPup Sun Protective Dog Visor, Large, Reef Red

PlayaPup visor hats are designed with attractive print fabrics to offer a fashion-oriented hat. These dog hats are sturdy enough to withstand winds, but soft and comfortable for dogs. Hats fit over their ears, wrap around their forehead with enough brim to shade their eyes. Velcro hook and loop closure for convenience, adjustable. The visors are made from high quality, tested fabrisc to provide a great look that protects and shades their eyes from the sun. The UPF 50+ rating for the fabrics used is the highest for apparel and blocks 97.5%+ of harmful UV rays (UVA and UVB). Sizes: XXS – 4.75 inches, XS-5”, S-5.5”, M-6.75”, L-8”, XL-9.5”. Please make sure to use a measuring tape and use it to measure the length from one ear to ear measuring around the forehead.