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★ Best Seller ★ My Dog Muzzle™ Size L ✔ Protect Children From Biting Pets ✔ Stops or Reduces Barking and Biting ✔ Duck Muzzle for Dog ✔ Safe and Soft Rubber Material ✔ Adjustable Head Strap – 612

My Dog Muzzle(TM) People say that dogs are men’s best friend, but for your children, you cannot take a risk. Especially with untrained dogs, they might react unpredictably and put your children in harm’s way. That is why dog muzzle is needed. Introducing My Dog Muzzle(TM), the innovative dog muzzle to protect both your dog and your loved ones! It will not only keep your dog’s teeth away from harming your kids, but also prevents your dog from eating leftover scattered on the street that may lead to food poisoning. Unlike regular dog muzzle that will not look good on your dog and might even gives bad impression! My Dog Muzzle(TM) is designed with cute and adorable duck beak shape that will make your dog look even cuter! As recommended by Cesar Milan, a famous dog trainer, dog muzzle can help training in transition phase where you, for example, introduce who to protect and who to attack. But a dog muzzle does not necessarily need to be fully restraining. Designed for comfort, My Dog Muzzle(TM) is made of soft rubber material, equipped with adjustable strap that can stretch to fit any size dog with head circumference of 7 to 14 inches, which you can find out by measuring from the ears, around under the jaw and back up (known as The Head Measurement). With open end design, this amazing dog muzzle adds more comfort and less sense of restrain for your dog, unlike those with closed end. So, what are you waiting for? Order now while stock lasts! My Dog Muzzle(TM) – All Rights Reserved Related Searches: dog muzzle, bark prevention muzzle, bite prevention muzzle, muzzle for dog, safety dog muzzle, barking dog muzzle, children safety dog muzzle