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Alpha Dog Series Puppy Shampoo and Conditioner

ANYPET Shampoo thoroughly cleans away dirt and leaves a long-lasting fresh, floral scented fragrance that adheres to the coat for up to two weeks. The Aloe Vera additive soothes the skin and administers extra conditioning to make the coat radiantly shiny, remarkably manageable, and free of matting and tangles. The pH balace of our product is completely compatible with the naturla pH balance of your pet’s skin and coat and are great for dogs that have sensitive skin,atopic issues, or skin allergies.

Midwest 54-By-35-By-45-Inch Single-Door Starter Series Pet Crate

Designed Specifically to fit the largest dogs. Midwest Home for Pets is proud to introduce the newest dog crate in the Solutions lineup. The 1154U is the one of most convenient and affordable dog crates available for dogs over 125lbs on the market today. It’s made of durable materials and is easy to clean. Lastly, it has a safe & secure slide bolt latches for rigidity.

NEW PUPPY CHECKLIST (New Dog Series Book 1)

New Puppy Checklist Edition 6. In Checklist format to tick off. Convenient and concise! New Puppy Start Right! Puppy love is wonderful – Puppy needs are no secret! This New Puppy Checklist is a small puppy guide for the new dog owner. This is your puppy primer that you should get before you get long puppy books! This New Puppy Checklist is a concise, comprehensive list to tick off everything you must know and do when you get a new puppy. “It has a LOT of information, gets right to the point and helps you to not fail” “Great checklist and book. Very clear and straight forward. I would certainly recommend this even experienced dog owners” “Tim really knows how to get into the mindset of a puppy. Great book!” With this Checklist you can RELAX. Go through it and check as needed, and you’ll know you haven’t forgotten anything. Because, being prepared is everything – particularly with a new puppy! Puppies can give a lot of joy, oh yes. But likewise, puppies can give you so much trouble that you feel at your wits’ end. Don’t let it come so far. And don’t start off on the wrong track with your pup. Dogs are forgiving but not forgetful! Note that this is not a lengthy book, it is meant to be a concise Checklist! Nonetheless, to be of maximum help, Tim has added a lot of extra explanations where relevant. Also, you’ll probably love all the linked free Periodicals: The highly popular topical discussions on, the largest dog authority site in the world. Thus, with Tim’s books you know you are in best hands anyway. So what’s covered in the New Puppy Checklist? Puppy Proofing Your Home, Preparing a Place to Rest and Sleep, Preparing a Place to Eat and Drink, Preparing a First-Aid Kit, Safe-Keeping Equipment you need, Puppy Grooming, Vet Visit and Vaccination, DIY Health Checks, Dietary Planning, Socializing Your Puppy, Which toys in which toy categories are puppy adequate, How to care for Your Puppy, Relationship Building With Your Puppy, Puppy Training, and loads of advice including puppy health tips. Again, Tim Carter’s New Puppy Checklist raises the bar for others. A comprehensive but concise eye opener. Make sure your puppy becomes the dog you always wanted. Better check this Checklist now