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Medium DogHouse Signature Canvas Dog Crate Cover

Our signature design boasts a subtle tan Canvas fabric with simple white fabric ties. Along the bottom, a border of white and burgundy ribbon trim lends a classic touch to the cover. This crate cover will turn your metal dog crate into a comfortable, stylish bedroom for your dog. DogHouse Covers not only look attractive, they help reduce stress, barking, and anxiety. Our covers roll up to allow cool breezes in the summer, and roll down to provide warmth in the winter. The cover contains 4 zippers on each corner to add a finished look & can hide your crate when entertaining. The inside of the cover contains pockets to tuck loose ties when not in use. Clever, isn’t it! The cover fits most Midwest, Precision, Four Paws, PetMate, and many other crates. Also fits triple door models.