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Waterproof Dog Shoes with Reflective Velcro and Rugged Anti-Slip Sole (Size 6, Black)

Shoes are important for protecting your dog’s paws from sharp objects during walks, hiking, and even swimming. Many dogs do not like getting their paws wet and the waterproof design helps keep dry and warm. When you get home take off the shoes and keep your floors clean. During the winter shoes can protect their paws from harsh salt on the roads and sidewalks. During the summer the shoes can protect their paws from hot sidewalks, streets, and asphalt. Get your four legged friend a pair of dog boots that are similar to your shoes! How to put on Unfasten the two velcro straps and pull open the boot as wide as possible. Then guide your dog’s paw into the shoe and reward them for doing so with a treat. Refasten the velcro straps and pull as tight as comfortable. Your dog may begin to walk funny or even prance at first so get your camera ready, but do not worry this is a completely normal reaction as your four legged friend gets use to their new boots.

abcGoodefg® Pet Dog Puppy Socks Shoes Boots, Outdoor, Waterproof, Nonslip, Rubber Sole+Velcro Strips, Comfortable Design, XXL (#6, Plaid)

abcGoodefg® waterproof Anti-slip Pet Dogs Socks Product Features: * 100% Brand new and high quality * Dog rain snow boots for dogs and cats * waterproof design * Cute design, fashionable and stylish * Protect your pet when walking on the wooden floors,deck and beach * Prevent wet, insulation or prevent bacteria, your pet will feel comfortable Wear steps: 1. Fold the socks 2. Put it on dog’s foot 3. Pull up the socks * Please measure your pets feet before ordering Messurement method: 1) Put your pet’s paws on a paper 2) Draw a circle arround paw 3) Measure the paw length and width 4) Choose the Right size for your dogs Sizing Instructions: Length * Width (OD (outer diameter)): #0: 2.8 * 3.5 cm #1: 3.2 * 3.9 cm #2: 3.7 * 4.5 cm #3: 4.3 * 5.2 cm #4: 5.0 * 6.0 cm #5: 5.6 * 6.8 cm #6: 6.6 * 8.0 cm Socks sole is made of waterproof coating that has certain elasticity, when choose the socks, please chose a little smaller or the right size. Package: 4 x Durable waterproof sport socks for pet dogs

Lifeful® Large Dog Summer Soft Sole Nonslip Mesh Shoes, Breathable, Flexible And Cool, For Dog Daily Walks Or Stroll, Set of 4, Red Color, Size XX-Large-Inner Sole Width 3.15″

Lifeful Dog Products We offer reliable Lifeful Dog Products to every consumer with the warmest customer service. To make every dog lifeful and happier, this is our philosophy. We love dogs, so every day we endeavor to offer more comfortable products for them. Summer is coming; cute large dogs also love daily evening walks. This set of flexible mesh shoes will act as a good partner for them, protecting the paws against hurt from sidewalks, asphalt, grass etc. Details and Application Double-layer breathable mesh fabric upper, firmly hemmed by soft wearable cloth around, with soft flexible cuffs at the top. More airflow to paws makes your dog comfy, cool, and healthy. Flexible, water-proof, and nonslip faux-leather sole, well protects paws in daily walks. The whole shoe is very soft, so it’s very easy and quick to put on. Firmly fastens by a wide and adjustable Velcro strap, capable to prevent slipping off and supply a customized tightness. For cleaning, the shoes are hand washable and dried naturally in the air. Kindly Attention: Though the soles are waterproof, the shoes can’t be applied in deep water or in heavy rains, because there may be water seepage through micro sewing needle holes or through mesh fabric. For storage, please keep the shoes in a dry, dark, and relatively cool place. Outer packing comes with Lifeful unique hang-tag. Measurements Size XXL: Inner Length 3.74″, Inner Width 3.15″, Inner Length can be extended to 4.53″ because of very soft sole.