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Lavien Dog Leash, P-leash, Double Leash, Short Leash, Adjustable Leash, Hands-free Leash, Standard Leash, Leather Collar and Leash All in One, Multi-functions Leather Leash (6ft Long, 3/4 Inch Wide; Come with Reflective Belt in the Soft Padded Handle, Black Color)

Much Lower price but use it for different purposes, Here is how: 1. Double Leash: Attach two clips to your dogs’ collars or harnesses, Walk two dogs by one leash and walk them comfortably. 2. Short Lead: Connect those two snap hooks to your dog’s collar or harness, Keep your dog closer to you, great for city walking. 3. P-Leash: Connect the snap hook to floating ring and get the right size for your beloved family member, then put the stopper to the right place. This function is very useful for those naughty dogs who need be trained. 4. Tether your dog: Take the leash, wrap it on the object and attach the free snap hook to the floating ring. 5. Waist fixation: Wrap your waist with the leash and attach the free snap hook to the floating ring. (Limited size available, this function is based on your waist’s size) 6. Adjustable leash: Just attach snap hook to different rings, you will find the right length for walking your dog. 7. On its full length: As it really is. This K9 training leash includes a free portable bag. While you walk your dog, you can put your small personal items in the bag such as key chains, cell phones, training toys, dog food, feeder, poops bags or even a small wallet for easy storage. Best for training, walking, taking your dog out of a car – you just cannot miss the chance to get it!

Standard Size ‘Bandana’ Hen / Chicken Saddle

Chicken saddles are made to protect your hen’s back from a roosters nails and spurs. When a rooster overmates a hen this can lead to serious and sometimes life threatening damage. Backs can become bare in what seems like overnight. Often people think they need to trim the spurs or remove them entirely but that is not necessary with a chicken saddle. Why take away your rooster’s best defense in protecting his flock when you can get a chicken saddle? We make these saddles to allow feather growth without having to separate your hen from the flock or having to remove or trim anything on your rooster. These can also be used during a molt in case there is excessive pecking. Our design covers more for better protection. They are now longer and wider with the bottom to curve around the tail and protect even more! We use high quality materials – the patterned cotton or flannel front and a tough duck cloth underneath. The duck cloth has a brushed, softer side to rest against the bare skin of your hen’s back and is tough without being thick and heavy so these will still work great in warm weather. The elastic that runs along the top of the saddle slips over the wing of your bird to hold the saddle on. We’ve made this easy for you by allowing the elastic to be pulled completely to one side to have more than enough room to put a wing through without hurting your chicken and then pulled through to the other side to put the other wing in. These are the perfect addition to any emergency kit.