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TOOGOO(R) 2X Pet Dog Cat Puppy Car Safety Seat Belt Harness Restraint Adjustable Lead Clip

* TOOGOO is a registered trademark. ONLY Authorized seller of TOOGOO can sell under TOOGOO listings. TOOGOO(R) 2X Pet Dog Cat Puppy Car Safety Seat Belt Harness Restraint Adjustable Lead Clip. 100% Brand new & high quality The safety leash is made from a special material , provides a slight amount of stretch to absorb shock in the case of a sudden stop. The unique leash design integrates with the vehicle’s seat belt tensioning device. Providing range of motion while traveling, but in the case of a sudden stop it locks in place to keep pets secure. This design also makes it easy to load and unload your pet, and installs easily in ALL vehicles. Use of a vehicle safety harness improves safety by reducing potential distractions for the driver. Material: Nylon fabric Adjustable length: About 37 – 60 cm Width: About 2.3 cm Color:Blue£¬Red Tips & cautions from us Always wear your seat b:elt when the vehicle is in operation. Adjust and wear the lap belt portion low and snug across your hips. Each belt is intend to restrain only one person at a time .Do not put 2 people under one belt. Never attempt to restrain a child in your lap using the seat belt around racing both you and the child .The child could be severely injured or even killed in the event of a collision. Seat belts are matched sets. Do not mix or use this belt or parts with other types of seat belt. Belts that have been cut,frayed ,damaged or stressed through impact should be replaced.After impact,the car anchorage pints should also be checked. To clean use warm soapy water only . Do not use chemical cleaners,bleach or dye. contamination with petrol,grease and acid will be detrimental. Periodic inspection of the installation will ensure reliable service of the seat belt . leash “

TOOGOO Adjustable Dog Puppy Safety Muzzle Stop Biting Barking Nipping Chewing

Strong nylon dog muzzle, comfortable for the dog to wear and allows them to drink and breath easily whilst stopping chewing or biting. Muzzle fits around the dogs nose, then strong nylon webbing goes behind the dog’s ears and fasten with an adjustable plastic clip. Comfortable and flexiable muzzle with adjustable strap and ‘quick fit’ catch. Prevent your dog for Biting, Barking and Chewing! Soft and flexible. Adjustable strap with catch. Comfort strip for your dog’s nose. Dog training aids . Muzzling is for restraint, not punishment. Prevent your dogs from hurting passersby unintentionally when walking on crowded streets. Prevent the dogs from eating dirty food outside. Prevent your dogs from barking, good air permeability. Manufactured from strong fabric nylon. To find your dog’s size, measure the circumference behind the nose, you should allow enough room for your finger, to allow your dog to breath and pant comfortably. Better to be slightly too big than too small. Diameter 6.5cm, Circumference 19cm approx.Color: black . Package included: 1 ¡Á Dog Muzzle

TOOGOO Blue Warm Indoor Soft Fleece Puppy Pets Dog Cat Bed House Basket With Mat waterproof

* Hand and machine washable up to 30¡æ, non-chlorine bleachable. * This item is soft indoor bed for your dear pet cat, dog, etc. Holds heat in the winter and can be washable by machine completely. * Is really good nest is not only good looks, the dog dog comfortable is the most important * All the nest can machine wash, it will never shaped * New brand with high quality * Cozy and Cushioned bed * Perfect for your adorable pets like: dog, cat, pig, etc * Package included: 1 x Pet bed