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KONG Rosie Rhino Cozie Dog Toy, Small

Small dogs will go crazy for KONG Small Cozies. We’ve taken our top six medium Cozies and sized them down for little mouths. Our Small Cozies have the same added layer of material to last longer, plus a squeaker to entice play. Small dogs and puppies will love to cuddle and lick the soft plush. Parents beware – if there are kids in the house, you might need more than one Small Cozie.

KONG Air Dog Squeakair Birthday Balls Dog Toy, Medium, Colors Vary (3 Balls)

Fun and bouncy birthday tennis ball dog toy will make any dog’s birthday a hit. Constructed from non-abrasive tennis ball fabric that will not wear down dog’s teeth. All squeaker units are recessed in rubber and covered with tennis ball fabric for safety. KONG Air Dog Squeakair Birthday Balls will make any dog’s birthday a hit. These colorful versions of our popular Medium Air Dog Squeakair Tennis Balls are imprinted with a Happy Birthday” logo and come three to a package. This high floating toy is perfect for all dogs that love to fetch.”

Yuppie Puppy Black Anti-Pull Mesh Dog Harness for Toy Breeds

Features. Yuppie Puppy Black and Red Anti-Pull Mesh Dog Harness for Toy Breeds.. The Yuppie Puppy Anti-Pull Mesh Harness is designed to stop pulling instantly while providing comfort to your pet.. For heavy to moderate pullers.. Toy breed neck size 6-9 in.. Color – black and red.

Lil Pals Mesh Comfort Mesh Adjustable Step-in Dog Harness for Puppies and Toy Breeds (Lime, Petite Extra Small)

Lil Pals Mesh Step-In Dog Harness The Lil Pals Mesh Step-In dog harness is perfect for your little friend. This easy to put on comfort mesh harness is adjustable for the perfect fit. With complementary trim, you can not only surround your petite dog in comfort, but in style as well. Item Specifications: Sizes: Petite X-Small (8-10″ girth, 6-8″ neck) Petite Small (10-12″ girth, 8-10″ neck)

Dog Tennis Balls – 6 Small, High Quality, Tennis Balls – The Little Dog’s Balls – Small Dog Balls, Small Dog Ball, Dog Toy for Puppies, Small Dogs or Cute Cats. For Puppy Exercise, Puppy Play, Small Dog Play, Puppy Training and Fetch. For a Smaller Mouth and Too Small for Chuckit Launchers, No Squeaker, the King Kong of Little Dog Balls! Woof Woof:)

The Little Dog’s Balls are fun for all of your little pet family. They look like a human tennis ball, they feel like a human tennis ball, and they bounce like a human tennis ball – but they are not a human tennis ball – they are The Little Dog’s Balls. All our little dogs want is to play with their own balls and that is why we have finally created a little dog tennis ball specifically designed for our sweet and lovable little dogs. These smaller tennis balls are for our smaller breeds and puppies, they are our little dog’s balls. The little dog’s balls for little dogs. The little dog’s balls to play with and to exercise your little dogs. These little balls are like a little dog supplement as they exercise our little dogs to keep our smaller pets healthy – the best thing for a dog’s health. The Little Dog’s Balls, designed and made by humans, tested on small dogs, for small dogs and puppies. 9 out of 10 little dogs who played with The Little Dog’s Balls rolled around and said ‘yep yep yep!’ 🙂

PetSafe Busy Buddy Twist ‘n Treat Puppy Toy, Small

The Twist ‘n Treat is a highly adjustable treat dispensing rubber puppy toy. Twist the two pieces far apart for easy access to treats, or twist closer together for more of a challenge. Works with a wide variety of food options, including smearable treats like peanut butter. Not recommended for strong chewers, gentle on puppy teeth. Dishwasher safe, top rack only.

Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid Toy, Golden

This cute and snuggly Golden Snuggle Puppy would love to be your pet’s new best friend. Dogs and puppies are pack animals and are instinctively drawn to their mother and others in their pack. Snuggle Puppy recreates that intimacy with physical warmth and a simulated heartbeat. The result is a calmer, more peaceful pet – one that feels less loneliness, fear and separation anxiety. Snuggle Puppy uses a real-feel pulsing “heartbeat”, the batteries (included) last up to 2 weeks with continuous 24/7 use and the hearts on/off switch allows for use when you need it. Included with your Snuggle puppy is one disposable warmer pack (Safe for people and pets, each pack lasts 24 hours) for an extra source of comfort for your pet. Snuggle Puppy is all natural, medication free, not a restraint, and calms your pet by appealing to basic natural instincts.

Lion Mane Cat Wig & Small Dog Costume + Feathered Catnip Toy – Limited Time Offer! Great for Halloween!

Pet Premier’s Lion Mane Cat Costume Unleash the Beast! – With a single Velcro strap you can transform your common kitty into the King of the Jungle! – Purrfect for parties, holidays and general home entertainment. – Soft, comfortable material will soothe the savage beast! Hours of Fun for YOU, Your Friends and Neighbors! Your cat will strut with pride – or furry fury directed at you. Get It Today And Try It! If you don’t like it, don’t keep it! Risk free 30 day 100% money back gaurantee! Click the “Add to Cart” Button Now, and get the *Special Bonus Gift: Feathered Catnip Toy for a more enjoyable home experience. *This Special Bonus is available until we’re out of stock so “Add to Cart” now!

New Puppy Kit | Kyjen Slo-bowl, Kong Classic Small Dog Toy, Zanies Gecko Toy, Organic Treats, Pee Pads, Bag Clip, Plush Mat, Recipe Card

The Perfect Welcome Home Gift For New Puppies Let’s face it… puppies are just cute! And a lot of work. Setting up the house for a new arrival means you have to think of everything in advance. Lucky for you, we’ve done just that with the New Puppy Supplies Gift Set. Included you’ll find some of the most popular toys guaranteed to intrigue their minds, sooth teething gums and help burn off some of that excessive energy. Furry babies will also love a snuggly, plush mat/crate bed to help them quiet down and sleep the whole night through (fingers crossed!). And – because it takes time for pups to learn where to do their “business” – a pack of Clear Quest 22″ x 23″ wee pads are included to help prevent accidents. PLUS, two creative touches just for pet parents. The Handy Camel Mini clip is perfect for closing up dry pet food so it stays fresh while also making toting simple and easy. In addition, we’ve tossed in a recipe card with clever dog treat filler ideas for the KONG toy. All in all, this bundle/gift includes 7 pieces: • 1 pack of Clear Quest Puppy Pads (22″x23″) • Small Kong Classic red toy • Slo-Bowl Mini fun food bowl • Handy Camel Mini dog food clip • Zanies Gecko toy, Slumber Pet Glacier Plush Mat small • Fresh baked real cheese biscuits: Cheddar Trainer and Travel Treats from Mack and Mercie are called Minibakes Organic* Biscuits for Dogs with parsley, chamomile and joint support• Recipe card with treat ideas Have a new puppy or know someone who does? Order today and welcome the new K-9 kid in style!

Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Small and Toy Breed Dry Dog Food, 15.5-Pound Bag

Hills’s Science Diet is the #1 choice of U.S. veterinarians to feed their own pets. Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Small and Toy Breed dog food provides precisely balanced nutrition to meet your small breed dog’s special needs. It contains high levels of antioxidants to help build a healthy immune system with appropriate levels of calcium and protein to promote healthy bones, muscles, and teeth. It also contains natural DHA from premium fish oil, a nutrient vital to promote brain development and highly digestible carbohydrates and proteins to ensure optimal nutrient absorption. Recommended for puppies up to 1 year old that weigh up to 25 pounds when full grown and pregnant or nursing dogs. This food is not recommended for dogs 1 year or older that are not pregnant or nursing.

KONG Puppy Binkie Dog Toy, Medium (Colors Vary)

The KONG Puppy Binkie promotes proper chewing behavior for the teething puppy and helps soothe sore gums. This is an adorable pacifier-shaped toy for teething puppies with a hole to insert KONG Puppy Ziggies. Comes assorted in pink or blue.

Nylabone Just For Puppies Medium Key Ring Bone Puppy Dog Teething Chew Toy

Made from inert soft thermoplastic polymer to satisfy the chewing instinct of teething puppies, and encourage non-destructive chewing. Bristles raised during chewing will help clean teeth and prevent tartar build up. Designed for teething puppies – Not recommended for adult dogs or puppies with any permanent teeth

Multipet’s 5.5-Inch Chilly Bone Dog Toy This Canvas Toy

Multipet’s 5-1/2-inch Chilly Bone Canvas Teething Dog Toy. This toy is designed to be a cool toy and can be used as a teething toy. The idea of the toy is simple, soak the toy under water, place the toy inside the plastic bag that is included and place it in your freezer. Once the toy is frozen it is ready for play.

Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid Toy, Brown Mutt

A Snuggle Puppy favorite, this lovable mutt will always be there to reassure and comfort your pet. Dogs and puppies are pack animals and are instinctively drawn to their mother and others in their pack. Snuggle Puppy recreates that intimacy with physical warmth and a simulated heartbeat. The result is a calmer, more peaceful pet – one that feels less loneliness, fear and separation anxiety. Snuggle Puppy uses a real-feel pulsing “heartbeat”, the batteries (included) last up to 2 weeks with continuous 24/7 use and the hearts on/off switch allows for use when you need it. Included with your Snuggle puppy is one disposable warmer pack (Safe for people and pets, each pack lasts 24 hours) for an extra source of comfort for your pet. Snuggle Puppy is all natural, medication free, not a restraint, and calms your pet by appealing to basic natural instincts.

KONG Cozie Marvin the Moose, Medium Dog Toy, Brown

The KONG Cozies are cute, soft and cuddly plush toys that are made with an extra layer of material to make them extra tough. Cozies are perfect for a game of fetch or great as a comfort toy for your furry friend. Grab one of the 10 amazingly cute Cozie Characters for your dog and we know your dog will love you for it.

KONG Classic KONG Dog Toy, Small, Red

It’s not just a dog toy; it’s a KONG. The KONG Classic has been the gold standard of dog toys for over 36 years. Our super-bouncy, red natural rubber compound is unequaled for dogs who like to chew. Stuffing healthy treats into a KONG keeps dogs happily working and out of trouble for long periods of time. Chewing relieves stress. KONG Sizing GuideView larger Separation anxiety Separation anxiety typically occurs in the first 20 minutes after you leave a dog alone. A simple solution is to help the dog develop a positive association between being left alone and good things, like a treat-stuffed KONG. Stuffing a KONG toy with a mix of wet and dry ingredients creates a challenge that typically lasts 20 minutes, engaging dogs during the time when anxiety is at its peak. A KONG can even be frozen so that getting all the food out takes even more time. Chewing For adult dogs, chewing is nature’s way of keeping jaws strong and teeth clean. Chewing also combats boredom and can relieve anxiety or frustration. Without an acceptable outlet for the natural instinct to chew, many dogs will turn to destructive chewing in the home. Success comes when teaching dogs acceptable chewing behaviors from the start. KONG toys come in a variety of formulas from puppy to adult to senior, so they can grow with your dog. For all dogs—regardless of chewing temperament—supervise play until you’re confident the dog won’t destroy the toy. Be sure to replace any toy with cuts, tears or rips. Barking and Digging Dogs bark to communicate and dig when bored or afraid. Creating good behaviors start with productive play, which allows dogs to expend excess energy. Every time you throw a KONG toy, the unpredictable bounce ensures no two games are ever the same, keeping the dog engaged and excited for more. A stuffed KONG is also helpful for a dog left outside to play. Directing their energy toward something positive, like working for the food inside the toy, diminishes bad behaviors. Crate training Crate training is an effective way to house train a puppy or new dog. In this critical time, you can help relax your dog with a treat-stuffed KONG to create a positive association with the crate. Start a dog’s crate training by stuffing a KONG toy with a favorite treat. Let the dog see and smell the stuffed toy, then place the KONG in the back of the crate leaving the door open. As the dog chews on the KONG inside the crate, they begin to feel more comfortable and create a positive association with the crate. Repeat this until their dog is happy to settle in the crate on their own. Give your dog a KONG. Dogs Need to Play. For dogs, physical and mental development, emotions and behavior are all influenced by healthy play. Play helps dogs expend excess energy, which is important for appropriate behavior. KONG dog toys encourage play, satisfying dogs’ instinctual needs and strengthening the bond between dog and owner. There are three basic chewing styles when it comes to dogs and their toys. Gentle Chewers – These dogs are easy on toys and prefer plush or fabric toys. They usually like to lick or suck on their toys, but rarely ever destroy their toys.Average Chewers –These dogs love to play with all kinds of toys and will often carry toys around with them. They can be destructive with plush and fabric toys but rarely are destructive with rubber toys.Power Chewers – These dogs are usually strong, determined chewers who require more discretion when it comes to selecting toys. Choose durable, interactive play toys along with hard rubber toys. Sizing up is also helpful when picking toys for Power Chewers.

Cute Pet Puppies Dog Squeaker Toy Top Cool Squeaky Dog Chew Toy – Best for Aggressive Small Medium Large Dogs Breeds Set Of 3 Random

Top quality Cute Dog and Puppy toy. One of the best dog and puppy toys for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Designed for aggressive chewers also suitable for teething puppies, this toy can be used to create a strong dog/owner bond. The Chew Toy is perfect for active dogs that like to chew, toss and shake their toys. Strong, well-constructed dog chew toy that will provide many hours of playful enjoyment. Better quality than kong toys. Material: plush Internal squeaker Size: Width HeightÂŁÂş3.9″x4.3″(10cmx11cm) Package incl 3pc squeaker dog toy random

Plush Puppies Hide a Squirrel Dog Toy

PP01091 Features: -Dog toy.-Complete line of Plush Puppies Puzzle Plush Toys will not only keep pets occupied and eliminate boredom.-Develop a dog’s intelligence and puzzle solving skills.-Just insert the balls, toys, or rings into the toy for dogs to remove over and over again.-Ideal line of toys to challenge and entertain pets. Includes: -Includes three plush squirrels with squeakers that fit inside a plush tree trunk. Dimensions: -Dimensions: 6.25” H x 6.25” W x 6.25” D. Collection: -Plush Puppies collection.

Small Cute Handcrafted Woven Straw Pet Hat Costume Cat Little Dog Toy Hat Novelty Cosplay Farmer Hat Adjustable String

Package Include: 1 hat Adorable handcrafted straw pet hat Approximately 3.3 inches inside and 6 inches wide, 2 inches high overall Pink elastic chin String measures at about 12 inches. (please leave us a message if you want a longer String. We’d love to send another more spare string) This stylish woven hat fits cats and small dogs. Besides, it is also a nice hat for toys. Well packing and great gift item. Special shipping statement: *Phone number is very important. Please leave us your correct phone number as it is a new requirement from shipping compay. Sometimes parcel might be returned due to incorrect phone number. Free shipping to America buyers on orders over 29.99 USD and Free expedited international shipping on orders over 99.00 USD Free shipping on orders over 39.99 USD to other counties and Free expedited international shipping on orders over 199.99 USD Shipping time to UK, US, Australia 10-20 days Shipping time to canada: 12-35 days. Notes for Russian buyers, Name and address must wrote in ENGLISH. Shipping time: 20-35 days.

KONG Puppy Activity Ball Dog Toy, Small (Colors Vary)

The KONG Puppy Activity Ball is the perfect toy for puppies with energy to burn. Fill the center or grooves of the Activity Ball with KONG Puppy East Treat, Snacks or Ziggies and watch the fun begin. The treat dispensing feature enhances intellectual development and keeps puppies busy for long periods of time. Comes assorted in pink or blue.

JW Pet Company iSqueak Ball Rubber Dog Toy, Small, Colors Vary

The iSqueak Ball Small is a classically designed natural rubber ball with an engaging squeak your dog will love. The iSqueak Ball has the JW brand proudly displayed on each and every toy. This durable bouncy ball is suitable for puppies and small breed dogs.