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300 Yard Rechargeable 100lv Level Shock Vibra Remote LCD Pet Dog Training Collar

Prepare the Collar Receiver: Charge the Collar Receiver: 1). Connect the charger connector to the charging jack. 2). Plug the charger into a standard outlet. 3). The red LED light inside the Collar Receiver will be lighted. 4). Charge the Collar Receiver at least 6 hours for the first charge. 5). After fully charged, the red LED light will be turned off automatically. 6). When charging is completed, put the rubber cover in the right position to keep the internal unit from dust and water. ·Low battery Indicator: the Collar Receiver will keep beeping for 2 minuets unless It gets charged. Connect the Transmitter with the Collar Receiver: 1). Turn on the Transmitter and choose 1 or 2 channels to encode. 2). Lift the Reset part of the Rubber cover in the Collar Receiver. 3). Use a toothpick or paper click to insert into the Reset HOLE inside the Collar Receiver. 4). Press the LAUNCH button on the Transmitter immediately while you are hearing a beep from the collar. 5). The Collar Receiver will beep , it means that the Transmitter has encoded the collar. 6). After completion, put the rubber cover in the right position to keep the internal unit from dust and water. Package Include: ·1 x remote control unit ·1 x collar ·1 x charger & cord ·1 x test light & replacement probes ·1 x Operating Instructions

1000 Yard Rechargeable Intensity Rainproof LCD Shock Vibra & Sounds + Wireless Remote Pet Dog Training Puppy Obedience Corrections Anti Bark Collar, Electric E Trainer For Large, Medium, Small Dogs

Comfortable waterproof collar Collar Length: 16 inches up to… Rainproof (please do not immerse it into water)and rechargeable, LED signal, beep signal You can check the battery by viewing the indicator on the remote or by viewing the LED on the collar Collar and transmitter rechargeable with lithium batteries Range up to 1,000 yards 4 Levels of static correction Both remote and collar go on sleep mode after about 3 minutes LED light can be used as a training signal Package includes 1 x Instruction Manual 1 x Remote control 1 x Dog Collar 1 x Charger with DC cable 1 x Indicator light