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Dog Training: Basics of Puppy and Dog Training – Your Full Guide to Dog Training for an Obidient, Happy and Well Trained Dog (Dogs, House breaking, Dog, Housebreaking, Dog Treats, Dog books)

This book teaches you proven step-by-step methods on how to train your dog’s basic obedience skills for good manners and to help remove any harmful behaviors that your dog may develop. You will learn how to choose the right pup and breeder for you, and how to educate your dog properly in social interaction with other dogs and people, in this book, you will also receive all the housebreaking tips that you will ever need. Not only that, but you will learn 27+ Tricks and Games so that you and your furry friend can interact and have fun together. Playing together in coordination strengthens the bond between dog and owner. Make a change for only $4.99 This book is written to provide you with knowledge and advice on how to raise and train your Pooch’s Obedience, How to Housebreak your Puppy, Tricks and Games. You will also learn about common issues with dog breeds and how to take care of them with proven step-by-step methods. You won’t just be the leader of the pack; your pooch will see you like the best human. As much as your four-legged friend will do his best to please you, you must also do your best to teach him what he needs to learn as your best buddy. Do not leave it all to chance or trial and error. If you have no idea how to raise a dog properly, chances are, you’ll end up frustrated, and your buddy will feel unwanted. Make your journey together a meaningful adventure! Contains more than 27+ Tricks and Games that you can teach your dog! Lets take a look at what you will learn Choosing Your BreedHousebreaking Your PuppyCrate TrainingPaper TrainingYour Pup’s DietObedience TrainingTricks and Games to engage you and your dog while having funMuch, much more! Download your copy today! Take action today and download this book for only $4.99! Tags: Dog Training, Puppy Training, Crate Training, Dog Training For Beginners, Housebreaking, Dogs

“My Dogs Not Spoiled I’m Just Well Trained” Car Magnet With Unique Paw Shaped Design Measures 5.2 by 5.2 Inches Covered In High Quality UV Gloss For Weather Protection

Show the world how much you love your pet with this fun quotable magnet! Featuring the saying “My Dogs Not Spoiled I’m Just Well Trained”, this is a great way to give other drivers a good laugh on the road. Let everyone know just how much you adore your pet and how much your pet adores you. Each magnet has a UV coating to protect against wear and tear due to the weather. The magnetic backing makes this a great item to place on your vehicle, refrigerator, locker, mailbox, or any other magnetic surface. The beauty of the magnet is its easy-on and easy-off technique that allows you to reposition without any damage or mess left behind. Measuring at just 5 inches wide and 4.75 inches tall, it’s just the right size to stand out the right amount!

Puppy Training: Smart Puppy Training System (TWO BONUS eBook’s Inside!): Step-by-Step Training System to Increase Puppy IQ and Have More Fun, Engaged & Well Trained Dog within 60 Days

Today, Get this Amazon eBook with 2 Free Bonuses for just .99cents Valued at $17.00 Read this eBook FREE on Kindle Unlimited – 2nd Bonus Right After Chapter 8 – Act Now Before It’s Gone! Free Bonus 130+ Healthy Dog Recipe’s eBook inside… The Other Free Bonus before Chapter 9 in the Crate Training Section You will discover fundamental techniques for increasing your puppy’s IQ, having more fun bonding with your new addition to the family. “A short-term commitment disciplining your puppy over the next 60 days will bring about the best years of your dogs life… ” Remember its harder to teach an old dog new tricks than to teach a puppy new habits and skills for life. Teach these skills before your puppy’s first birthday and give him an awesome start to life! Not only will you find the most effective, efficient and frustration-free strategies, to teach your puppy, you will also find key insights and techniques to make your training so fun and enjoyable you’ll actually look forward to these sessions I decided to incorporate not only step-by-step training instructions but also mindset and discipline techniques for you to incorporate into your training your pup… you will find out: ->The Ins & outs of puppy training and how to get the best results in the fastest possible time (Think Cesar Milan and how he develops doggie rapport almost instantaneously) so you can get the most out of your puppies “cute years” ->The 10 most important training principles so you can effectively train your puppy the right way, and stop any bad habits quickly. ->How to develop this one “key trait” to make a frustration, stress less training experience for you both ->When the best time your puppy & if the location will help or hinder his training ->What to Never ever do whilst training your puppy! This One thing can traumatize and harm your puppy scarring them for life! ->How to handle “Crate Haters” a simple tip so your dog has an easy time to adapt (2nd Free eBook End of Chapter 8) ->The simple but effective “secret” to stop your pup from barking in a crate, even if he’s older than 4 months ->How often you should train your pup and the importance of training session length ->The 6 essential “tools” you MUST have when training your puppy, without these your life will be 3 x as difficult and the results will NOT be what you expect ->The 5 “House Rules” to make training consistent so your pup knows how to act and when its time to play and when it’s time to train ->13 tips for best puppy socialization techniques for other dogs, people and other pets ->The benefits of positive reinforcement and how the best part of your dog’s years are a head of you ->When the best time to use negative reinforcement is and how to enforce it without scaring your puppy ->What clicker training is and the 5 steps to success so that your pup knows the difference between the training methods ->The best way to introduce your pup to the collar and the leash and the main reason dogs get found in the pound and how you can prevent it! ->The Quick and Easy Guide to potty training, Crate Training and Feeding your puppy so that you have a well-trained puppy around the home. the to be give em the best start to life and make your life easier ->Learn these essential skills to stop your puppy biting, jumping and mouthing to make sure they are the most well behaved puppy ->The simple 5-step process to Save your furniture from getting chewed ->The most important factor determining the success of your puppy training and the long term relationship of your dog, All depends on this One little thing. ->The most effective time for your puppy to be trained as this is when your puppy’s brain is like a “sponge” and when the best time for socialization is. and so much more Scroll U

Dogs: Exact Blueprint for a Happy, Healthy, and Trained Dog – Dog Training, Puppy Training & Dog Care (Dog Food, Dog Nutrition, Healthy Dog, Obedience Training, Animal Care, Dog Health, Puppy Care)

Learn Everything You Need to Know about Training Your Dog! Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited! Do you have a new puppy? Is it time to help it learn to behave properly? Do you need some advice to help you get started? Dogs: Exact Blueprint for a Happy, Healthy, and Trained Dog – Dog Training, Puppy Training & Dog Care will lead you through all of the Pup Training Prerequisites, such as collars, leashes, and treats. You’ll learn about the crate, bedding, and fencing you need, as well as pee sprays and teething objects. What about the “messes” puppies make? You’ll learn how to housebreak your puppy, when to start, and how much time it should take. Dogs: Exact Blueprint for a Happy, Healthy, and Trained Dog – Dog Training, Puppy Training & Dog Care will help you understand when and how much to feed your dog – and how to use odors and rewards to help them learn to go outside. This helpful book teaches you many dog training techniques, health tips, and cleaning methods: Crate Training Sleep Training Bathing and Nail Clipping Dealing with Dog Fur Fitness and Feeding Guidelines Doggy First Aid Bite Inhibition and much more! Download your copy today! It’s time to give your “best friend” the very best!

Dog Training: 25 Essential Skills for an Amazingly Well Trained and Obedient Dog or Puppy

The key goal of this book is to channel your dogs energy into a positive outlet and create avenues in which your dog can excel. We want to set our dogs up for success. And create training situations where skills will be strengthened and the outcome is positive. The best way to teach is through positive training because its what keeps your dog listeningand interested. Dog learn best when they want to learn. This book shows you how to optimize your dog’s energy to create constructive behavior. Channeling energy into constructive behavior  is the key to obedience  and its the key to teaching crucial behavioral skills. This book will guide your dog through each tier of each training technique in order to set your dog on the path to success.  This book aims at tackling the most common dog owner problems and excels in   teaching these skills:* Teaching Your Dog to Not Jump up on Visitors* Teaching a Puppy to Sit* Teaching a Puppy to Lie Down* Getting Your Dog to Listen Better* Stop Pulling on Leash* Separation Anxiety* Exercise* Teaching Fetch* Teaching Leave It* Teaching Come* Stop Digging* Stop Begging* Stay* Potty Training a Puppy* Deterring Bad Behavior / Herding Technique* Stop the Door Dash* Harboring Correct Feelings about the Kennel* Stop Puppy Biting* Barking* Calm in the Car* Training Your Dog to Be Good around other Dogs* Why you shouldn’t Roll Over Alpha* Off the Table and Outta the Garbage* Off the Furniture